Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Shoes!

Yep yep! Check these babies out.. Don't worry. I put the old Noob Heels in the Lucky Chair, so you can still get them if you didn't before.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Free AO's

This question gets asked alot in a couple different groups. Who makes a good free AO for a new person? I have one in my store, based on the ZHAO HUD. I made it with poses from my good friend Neural Blankes. I needed an ao with a sexy walk and some nicer natural poses. I was tired of my "model" ao where I was talking to someone about business or what have you.. and BAM! I'm thrusting my crotch at them. Also annoying are the ao's where you yawn and stretch or walk around in a circle, or do a little dance like your bladder is full. Really, people!

Mine is here on Xstreet
Here is a GREAT male one. It's not $1L for gift giving but it IS transfer in world
and they make a nice female one also

Do you have a favorite free AO? Please tell me it's not that gangsta or ninja ao or that damn model one that has you posing on your toes all the time. Put it in the comments! We appreciate it.

Update! I have reset my damn Xstreet box and tested delivery.. please.. try again if you didn't receive your AO. Stupid SL..


Here we are in the middle of the year. It's not really summer here in my RL. It's been strangely cold and rainy. I wore a sweatshirt on the 4th of July! This is NOT midsummer in Ohio!

I've been pondering my store, again. I think I'm starting to make better shoes. I can rez some of my old old pairs and just CRINGE at the prim work. What was I THINKING?

So I need your help. I'm gonna post a couple questions here on my blog. If you feel like it. Answer them here, or send me a notecard in world. I will reward you with a pair of unreleased shoes. How's that for easy?

#1. When you are about to go shopping, how do you shop? Do you use the search, the blogs, etc?

#2. What makes you buy a certain product? Price, quality, name?

#3. How do you find out about sales and contest?

#4. What makes you add yourself to a subscribe o matic or in world group?

#5. What would make you more willing to purchase shoes from me?

#6. What do you dislike about my store and/or brand?

#7. Do you have a fashion blog and would you like to be my list for receiving review packs?

#8. What is your style, Goth, preppy, neko?

#9. What do you think is missing from shoes in SL?

#10. What is your inworld name and who would you like me to deliver the shoes to?

Thank you in advance!

Rowan Carroll

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flickr Contest


Recently the new store has opened, and next to 3 years of shoes over a 100 new releases are added to the collection.

She’s So Unusual Shoes feels it is time to celebrate and hosts a photography competition with the sizzling theme ‘Unusual Summer’.

Rowan has put on her party hat and offers very exciting outrageous prices!


- Your picture must focus on She’s So Unusual Shoes and/or other products from She’s So Unusual;
- Your picture must fit within the theme ‘Unusual Summer’
- Your picture may feature none, 1, 2 or a 100 persons;
- Creativity and originality are highly appreciated;
- Post-processing (in Photoshop or any software of your choice) is allowed;
- Maximum 3 entries per person;
- Pictures must be posted in the She’s So Unusual Shoes group on Flickr;
- Pictures must be tagged “She’s So Unusual Shoes Photography Competition Summer 2009”. (Please make sure you tag it with the quotation marks so the tag stays one tag);
-Pictures must fall within the ‘safe’ restrictions of Flickr;
-You agree your picture will be possibly used for several marketing outlets, credits will be given.
-Though the selection for men is smaller, we do encourage you blokes to participate as well!

The contest runs till August 9, 12am PDT. Any submissions after that are not accepted in the contest.

On August 16 we will announce the winners in the flickr group, on the SSUS blog and the inworld groups.


The Grand Winner:
- A gift certificate of 1000 L$ to be spend at She’s So Unusual Shoes
- 1 pair of shoes for each contestant in this competition*

Second Place
- A gift certificate of 750 L$ to be spend at She’s So Unusual Shoes
- a $500L Gift Cert to Tea Lane

Third Place
- A gift certificate of 500 L$ to be spend at She’s So Unusual Shoes
- A $300L Gift Cert to Tea Lane

*A minimum of 20, a maximum of 150 pairs of shoes. Count is by individual contestants, not submissions.


The competition will be judged by:

Rowan Carroll - Owner and Designer of SSUS
Grazia Horwitz - Blogger, Stylist
Miskat Qinan - Photographer, Artist and builder of the store

Hey! You noticed the winner gets as many shoes as there are contestants?
Better get your friends involved!

If you don’t have shoes just yet from SSUS (shame on you!), visit the store and get a fab pair for as little as 95L

Sunday, July 19, 2009


What can I say? I think these are some SMEXY arsed shoes. Corset lacing up the back of stylized thin wedge heels. Peeptoes and the new palette of deep colors. AND they are only $95L and available NOW in the store. Transfer only, so buy some to share.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Help Needed!

The Zero Linden store is an amazing place, filled with all sorts of good FREEBIES. Not dollarbies or cheapies. Freebies. It's done out of the goodness of the owner Naastik Rau's heart. As far as I know, the person who OWNS the sim hasn't paid LL and LL is repoing the sim. Naastik needs our help in finding a new place to go and GETTING the new place. I've moved in SL before and it's a paaain in the TUSH. Come help if you can. Rent an Adboard if you have a store, or just come donate a little cash, bring your friends. I've been in world for over three years and there are some good items here that I haven't even seen before.

Flickr your boogers

hahah.. I've restarted my Flickr group. There's a link on the side of my blog page. But if you look.. I've put a link here in the post. Miskat is my Flickr Guru. I knew NOTHING about Flickr til he yelled at me about letting my group go to pot. So.. any questions can be directed to ME.. but I'll just ask him about it. I know enough to log in and look a pics. Yay me! I did however, on my own, add a Flickr thingie to the side of my blog. Look at me! I can use technology. WOOT! I have special announcement coming tomorrow.. or well.. Sunday night in MY world about Flickr. Keep your eyes here.

I also have some amazing new stuff coming. Something that will REALLY interest those of you who LIKE shoes.. and you really really REALLY like them. *wink*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Naughty Naughty Reagen

I'm in alot of fun groups.. Hey Girlfriends, Fashion Emergency. I enjoy the people I find in these groups. A fun girl named Reagen Lebed asked the group for a wrist bandana.. I knew I had some sculptied parts in my inventory so I could make one.. and I even had some bandana textures.. I whipped one up for her.. and well.. I liked it so much.. I made 8 different colors and tossed them in a fatpack for $100L. They are in the front of the store.. ENJOY! Each one is copy and mod so you can fit it to your wrists..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lace Trim Pumps

I like shoes.. I bet you didn't know it.
I've made my fall/winter palette.. rich yet subdued colors. Named after different types of alcohol. These are the first with the new palette. Come by the store to see them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

More Noobs!

Like the CSI invasion.. more noobs for you!

These special little guys are now in my Midnight Mania Board near the front of the store. Just whack it and if 49 other people whack it by 12 midnight SLT.. everyone gets NOOBS!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Redux!

Ok.. here are the last 5 pairs I've redone..

A some of the first really fun shoes I made were some platforms with an animated spiral on the heel. Here they are updated with scuplties and now they are touch color change. Touch either shoe and pull up a blue menu to pick a color. Each shoe can be colored individually! These are $95L and transfer only.

My wonderful stacked wood heel texture in a WEDGE! Comes in Black, Green, Purple, Pink, Red, Blue, Tan, Orange, and Grey. $95L and transfer only.

Wedges with polka dots and cuuute widdle bows. In Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black and White. $95L transfer only.

WOO! Mules with fur! Carbon, Earth, Cadet, Ocean, Garnet, Camel, Plum, Mustard, and Hunter. $95L and transfer only.

And finally.. Mules with paisley print! In Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Pink and White! $95L transfer only

ALL of these are in the NEW store.. come by and grab the freebies, check my vending machine for older styles, whack the MM board and the GREAT shoes in the Picks Reward!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Stacked Heels Redux

Another redo of an old style of shoe.. the Stacked Heels... with my infamous stacked wood heel. Available in a bunch of colors. Only $95L a pair and in the new store.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


We were all one... once.. some of us a couple times, depending on how many alts you have. Just playing around today and made.. Noob Slippers! Get them in the store.. for FREE!

Buckle Mules REDUX!

Ya know.. I don't usually do this kinda thing.. the past is the past. But when we were redoing the store, Kat and I took a good long look at some of my shoes. I realized.. I loved the styles.. and people were still buying them.. but.. I could do SOO much better now. In the rush to get the store done, I went ahead and updated some of my more famous pairs. The Buckle Mules Redux. With my famous stacked wood heel in a new cool shape, leather mule toe with a matched leather strap and gold buckle. Still the same old fab price of $95L. Comes in Garnet, Camel, Mustard, Hunter Cadet, Ocean, Plum, Earth, and Carbon. Right HERE in the new store. Check this style shot out! Aren't Kat and I adorable? :}

Friday, July 3, 2009


It's Bandana Day! Bandana Day is July 3rd when all us crazy Hair Lovers trade in our prim locks for a good cause. If you made it to the Hair Fair, I hope you picked up one of these fab $50L bandanas. All money goes to Locks of Love! So hurry down to the Hair Fair and grab one or two.. they are transferable so pick some up for a friend who can't handle the lag at the Fair.

Here I am in the Winx Bandana. I HAD to have it cause it goes SOOO well with my Carmen platforms I put outback at the Shoe Expo in 2008. Of course I had to do it up, old movie poster style. I usually don't do much postprocessing on my photos.. but.. Bandana Day called for it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just like Carrie's... Sorta

If you watched Sex in the City.. like I did.. you might remember those fab shoes Carrie wore.. when Miranda went into labor and Big paid the driver of the carriage to go to the hospital. Maybe it's just me.. eheheh.. Heels with ruffled ribbon down the arch of the foot.. My version have gems across the toes and a bow at the top. Mine are also alot cheaper.. :} only $95L a pair and come in Tomato, Papaya, Pineapple, Lime, Aqua, Cornflower, Eggplant, Rhubarb, Beige and Coffee. All in the NEW fab store by My Kat.. :}

NCI SL6B Hunt!

I got a notice in my NCI, New Citizen's Inc group that they were arranging another hunt full of NCI Alumni. I am an alumni, and I frequently hang out at NCI Kuula, listen in on the NCI main group chat, and know alot of the officers and teachers. I HAD to join this hunt.

Press Release
NCI Celebrates SL6B! Hunt!

This is a grid-wide hunt, meaning stores across many sims are participating, and all are owned by NCI members.
The hunt will begin on July 1, and end July 6.
To begin, start at the landmark given from this sign- "Steampunk Animal Avatars"
While there, find the rocket "NCI SL6B #1"- It will give you a gift, as well as a landmark for the next shop- follow the rockets till the end of the hunt- you'll know you're all done when you land at the NCI SL6B exhibit!

Have fun!

You'll find a special pair of my Stacked Paisley Mules Redux in my rocket.. if you can find it! *evil laugh*
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