Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Gotta love Halloween in SL! Things get a little crazy around here. I'm adding my own special touch.
First up, some new freebies.
You must have an alpha layer viewer for these. The Ghostly Legs are free in the front of the store with the other Halloween items. The Skelly Hand Pumps are added to the rotation in the Lucky Chairs. The Candy Corn Spewing Pumps shoot little candy corns out on touch and you and 99 friends get them, when you lock the Midnite Mania board.

How about some Limited Editions? Only available until Nov 2. Some of my older Limited Eds have become classics. Get these now! $195L a pair. Transfer only.

Lastly, some fun and funky platforms for your Nurse costume needs. Check out the syringes stuck in your foot. OUCHIE! $95L Each, Transfer only

As usual, all of these are in the front of the main store. Join my subscriber group thingie to keep up to date with the great things going on at She's So Unusual Shoes!

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Fall Tree!

So back in 2007 I made this fall tree with LOOOTS of falling leaves.. I've updated it since then and I decided to update it once more..

Presenting: The 2010 Fall Tree with falling leaves.. I got a really nice sculptied tree and I gave it some leaves that aren't particles for fullness..

For sale NOW right outside my store where I put one out to see.. enjoy!
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