Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mentor Hunt

No.. I'm not LOOKING for Mentors! I was asked to donate some prizes for a LL Mentors only hunt on Volunteer Island.

May 4th, 12:01am you must be a Mentor to participate.

Slurl to starting point

What is a Mentor? Mentors are SL residents who volunteer their time to help newbies on their way to being productive SL residents. They are guided by LL, sanctioned by LL but NOT paid by LL. Many Mentors speak other languages than English to help our international newbies. They don't have more power than you or I. I guess I just like to help the people that help others. :}

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Camping Issue

So I blogged about my camping issue and I think I MIGHT have a solution. Prize camping!
I've put two prize camping chairs in my store. Camp for 100 minutes and get one of three pairs of shoes. You pick the pair you wanna camp for. There are two chairs so you and a friend can sit around and sort inventory and chat and get shoes at the same time!

They are in the back corner near the windows, near my $1L items

Monday, April 28, 2008

!SSUS! Update 4-27

Yeesss.. finally .. some new shoes!

Men's shoes mostly this update, two new styles

Both of these styles come in other colors, but I hate filling the feed with 1400 pics..

Also a new women's fun wedge! Also comes in 5 colors

All of these are on the NEW table at the front of my store, She's So Unusual Shoes in Redux NW

Monday, April 21, 2008

Free Hair!

So yeah.. I came across this blog post about free hair.. so I go.. I HAD to share this pic.. I ADORE this freakin hair!

It's called Repunzel and it's REALLY looong.. but beautiful

Here is SLurl

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I don't wear wings very often in SL. It's just not one of my things. I do have a costume I made up of some pieces I found all over the grid. The best piece in my Green Fairy costume are my custom made (N) wings in a perfect green to match my outfit.
(N) Wings are made by my best SL friend Neural Blankes. She is participating in the Wing Fling today. She TPed me the other day to her booth and asked for some help setting up.. I'll let the pics speak for themselves

Here is her booth in Night and Day settings. I love the ethereal quality of her wings. Gossamer and light. So I tried to create a... fantasy forest for the fairies that wear these wings.

You'll HAVE to check out the Wing Fling. Stop by Neural's booth, near Material Squirrel. Sit on the pose ball on the edge of the pond. Relax.. reflect..

Red Stick

Yeah.. I'm on the Red Stick Hunt. It's pretty much NOT hidden.. eheheh.. Ends Sunday so get it this weekend.
I'm thinking about having a sale, since I've been a bit slacking on new releases. we'll have to see how this new shoe I'm working on goes.

How about a Shoe Buyer vote?
Sale on older stuff or New Release?


So when I first started SL, I did occasionally camp to earn some money. I quickly learned it was a waste of time, and bought myself $20USD worth of Lindens and I haven't bought any since! I'm a nice person. At least I like to think I am. I got two of those neat camping things that have people scrubbing the floor or windows while they camp. TWO of them. So please don't give me that "hogging all the sim's resources" and blah blah blah crap. TWO decently paying camping spots. I doubt they really added much to my traffic and I felt I was helping a newbie.
Now all I'm getting is trouble. Everyone accusing the others of being "bots" and stealing their money. I'm not sure HOW they could steal the money. If you camp, when you stand up, it pays you. But I'm stuck dealing with complaints.
So I'm removing my two big camping spots until I can either fix them or find better ones. Maybe find something that is better. Anyone know of any cute camping items or have any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Ads, New Logo

So Marketing in SL is interesting. There are quite a few blog posts on it and even some notecards in world. I was in the mood to make some new ads for my store and I thought I'd post them here.. Gimme some feedback!

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