Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unusual Isle needs....

Well. I have one empty spot on the island right now. It's 30 prims for $50L a week. Why so cheap? It's a little out of the way, but you are free to use the patio attached to the spot and put up any signs you want to attract attention to your little spot.

I'm also looking for someone to do a little island management. It's not a big job, just more than I can handle. Things that you would be responsible for
Advertising the island - will give you money for this
Once a month events - whatever you need for them
Keep renters happy and spots filled - only like 9 spots.. not to hard

This is mainly a part time, very little time really needed to put in gig. I don't really need ALOT of advertising and once a month event.. eh.. not too much trouble. I only have I think 9 rental spots and my renters right now are perfect.

If you think you could use a little extra cash, and have the tiny amount of time to do this.. please send me a notecard in world. We can discuss payment then. I'm willing to work with you, like free rent for work, or whatever. I'm flexible

Gold and Silver SALE

Yep.. the Olympics are winding down, they end on Aug 24th. Aug 25th I'll remark all my gold and silver shoes back to their original prices. So you better get down to Unusual Isle and hit the sale!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Feelings... nothing more than feelings

Sooo.. how you all been? Let me tell you, I've seen better days. I guess all the flak over the Crap Shoes has finally caught up with me. Sometimes my first reaction is to stand up and fight, because that's what everyone expects of me. Even my mother, who calls SL StupidLife and thinks I have better things to do (like what? Pick my nose?) thought I handled it pretty well. Literally hundreds of people stood up for me, told me they thought it was wrong. Many of them posted publicly for everyone, including the author of the secret to see. No one said "Yeah your stuff is crap". Even one of the people who put the secret up there said I handled it "like a champ".
I have google analytics on my blog. I think it's fun to see the things that people search for and get my blog. So I'm browsing the searches, I see someone hated me enough to google Rowan Carroll Sucks. I don't think I've ever been incredibly nasty to anyone in SL. I've never done something without being provoked. Even when provoked, I tend to find a funny or interesting way to deal with it. I guess Rowan Carroll Sucks was a second punch to the gut after the Crap Shoes.
How do other designers deal with this kind of thing? Maybe the question is better stated.. Why do people feel the neeeeed to do nasty shit to people they don't even know? I've hated people, but I've never been publicly bitchy about it. I've never searched for "Soanso Smith Sucks". I've never personally tried to ruin someone's business by posting for the world to see that I feel BAD for their customers.
Feel BAD for my customers. I think that irked me more than telling me my stuff was crap. I mean.. rip on ME all you want. Yeah yeah yeah.. I make crap. Big whoop. But you feel bad for the people who DON'T agree with you? What kind of arrogance is that? People who think differently than me are worth only my pity. You, secret maker, must have a VERY high horse. I hope you have a business. I hope you make creations in world. I don't feel BAD for your customers. I envy them, they are able to look past the incredible arrogance of the designer and see the items for what they are.
Next time you feel like bad mouthing someone's in world creations, take a minute and think about it. Can you do better? What do you think the person who puts their creativity, their heart, their soul into this work, would feel about you commenting? Creative criticism is totally different than just saying "sucks". I like the style but I feel it could be better executed. The design is fab, but I would like a different color.
Think about that fact that most of the designers in game, aren't doing this so we can live in mansions and take gold baths. Most of us barely eek by and do it because we love it. We've been copybotted, ripped, stolen from, gouged by malls, cheated by people, lied to, and lord knows what else.
To quote Dennis Miller "That's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nora Skins goes bye bye

Another skin maker is closing up shop. At least this one goes out with a bang and not a DMCA.
Nora Skins have been around forever and a day. I remember purchasing some waay back when I was still a newbie. I hadn't been back in a while, but poor little frugal me heard about the $100L skin sale and well.. I RAN!
I ended up trying the Nora Samantha Ginger Demos.. and after seeing how cute the face looked on me, I bought all of them.. I mean. come on! $100L a skin!

One of the things I noticed about the Nora Samantha skins is the painted on hair. Here I am wearing Truth's Deanne in Black. I always thought this hair looked good.. but with the painted one under hair it looks SO much better! Really softens the hair line and makes it look so much MORE natural. Each Nora Skin comes with bald, and painted hair in red, black , brown and blonde. They also come with undies and pants layer pubic hair. AND prim addons for your painted on hair. Eh.. I wasn't a big fan, but I appreciate the idea.

The Nora body is soft. The highlights and skin texture are very blended, not photorealistic.. thank god. The nipples are a little big for MY tastes, but I don't get naked very often anymore... *sigh* I like the softly done highlights, for my AV is NOT ripped, overly muscled OR too skinny:}

The makeup range was limited but really... how many makeups do you need? There are 12 make ups all together that you can buy individually or in 3 packs.

these are great fun skins for the $100L. I wish Nora all the best in her future SL plans. I'll be sorry to see her go. I understand it's hard to find an honest skin maker in SL *wink*

Skin - Nora Skins Samantha Ginger
Eyes - Skin Deep, real brown
Lashes - Lynnix Lashes Thick and Long
Shape - made by me NOT for sale, pooh on you!
Hair - Truth Deanne Dollarbie in Black
Poses - LAP various

Monday, August 11, 2008

I make Crappy Shoes

Yes.. I do.. well. at least according to ONE person..

I've never really been bothered by negative press.. hey.. any press is good press right? I mainly let it roll off my back, the things that make ME bawl like a baby is the good things.. the acceptance into designer groups, people iming me telling me they love my stuff..

So to make.. lemonade from these lemons.. I made poop outta crap.
My update group is getting two MORE new pairs of crap.. I mean. shoes.. well. crap.. ok whatever!
If you don't feel like joining the group, or your groups are free. just let me know.. I'll send a box off to you..


Saturday, August 9, 2008


Am I the only one who's excited about the Olympics? I love watching all the world's great athletes compete together. So in honor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics... all gold and silver shoes at She's So Unusual Shoes are 50% off!

From Aug 8th to Aug 24th, the length of the Summer Games, you can find the gold and silver and even some bronze shoes for men and women 1/2 their regular price. Only the Main Store on Unusual Isle

Friday, August 1, 2008

1st Annual Unusual Isle Street Fair!

Yes, my darlings, Unusual Isle is having a street fair! Aug 1st to the 8th so you can pencil it into your busy schedules.

There are games all over the island, rides, fun to be had!

There is a Heads or Tails game that is free to play and if you win, there are prizes!

I also have a dunk tank that I will be sitting on at times this weekend and all through the street fair, so come by and dunk your favorite shoe maker!

Friends Forever is having a $100L mark down sale also, so get some beautiful clothing!

The street Fair lasts ALL week, so there is plenty of time to walk around and play the games, ride the rides and check out what lovely stores we have on the island!
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