Thursday, May 29, 2008

Topaz Square

Sometimes you seem the same thing over and over again on the Fashion Planet feed. I don't mind it, I like to see how other people use the same outfit in different ways. But I know there are some great designers out there that don't get blogged enough.
One of them is CaSimone Aquitaine, the owner/designer of Topaz Square.
Is there anything this woman can't do? She makes shoes. She makes hair. She makes jewelry. She even builds her own store. Jealousy, thy name is Rowan.

First outfit is new from Topaz Square. The Santa Fe. I'm wearing it in Copper. So many different layers and pieces. Here is it with the skirt and poofy sleeves and undershirt, very girly

And here is the more, rugged version, with belt, tucked in pants and vest

Santa Fe, $250L, copy, mod on prims, no transfer, clothing AND boots

I picked up the Loops & Twirls in Peach to wear with it and her newbie friendly hair. I love the way she makes little fly away pieces with alpha textures.

Simple Braid, $50L, three colors, resize script, no trans yes copy no mod

Loops & Twirls - peach earrings, $100L, bling on/off transfer only

This is a favorite from awhile ago. Reflections. You SERIOUSLY need to see this IN game. Pictures do NOT show you how she's scripted the pieces to shimmer. Each little prim shimmers and gives you a sense of real movement. OF course Rowan needed the hot pink!

Reflections - Hottie Pink Shimmer $550L, copy, mod, no transfer, shoes included, scripted shimmer effect

Topaz Square has a fab freebie section up on the third floor with outfits for ladies and even the men. She ALSO has a small men's section.
CaSimone is part of the DiS Relay for Life team and there are RFL vendors out on the patio.

Topaz Square

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I've put a few of my shoes up on SLEX. Does anyone shop for clothing there? I know when I'm looking for a building or something like that I check SLEX. I think OnRez is more clothing driven, but I haven't really gotten over there to put my stuff up.

MY stuff at SLEX

What do you all think? SLEX or OnRez?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Moosh Fashion Show

So I've been added to the Moosh Fashion Show tomorrow. Here's a pic with all you need to know.

WOOT! I love fashion shows. If I could I would totally live in NYC and DO fashion week like a TRUE fashionista. I love the wierder looks you see on the catwalks. I wanted Chris to win Project Runway. I thought Santino was hilarous! I can't WAIT for the next season.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My, Myself and a few Celebs

Sometimes I'm SUCH a sheep.. :P
My LookaLikes

My Male Rowan.. even with FACIAL hair I still get girls!

And for fun, my friend, the alien, Marious

I dunno.. does he REALLY look like Angelina Jolie???

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


OMG people! SALE! So I was hitting the Mischief sale, right.. and I notice there's other stuff out nearby. OMG Tickled Pink! SAAAALLE So many $1L items and 30 color packs of hair for $50L!!

I SLurl you now.. come say Howdy to me, while I'm shopping the night away!

Nitro fabulous dress

See this dress? O M G! I love it. I saw it on SLEX and I HAD to have it. I love the swirling opal like texture and the way it matches all the way to the flexi skirt. The way the light plays with the fabric folds.. ooohh I'm in looove...

Here I've paired it with Neural's new opal jewelry, Shooting Star. I love the way it matches the dress, echoes the opal colors.

The store is Nitro and the dress is called Nacred. It's also available in a pink colored, but I loved the silvery one. It was $300L and is no transfer but copy and mod. The top comes on jacket AND shirt layer. The prim skirt needed no modding for my big ass. Here's a link if you'd rather buy it on SLEX

Monday, May 19, 2008

They call it Flickr, Flickr, Flickr

I'm going with the floooowww... (nods to all the Rockband players out there)
I've made a Flickr group that is open invite

She's So Unusual Shoes

Over the next couple days I'll be looking over the pictures, and showing them to my friends.
We will very undemocratically, yet very fairly, judge the pics and pick out three of our favorites.
#1 Fav will receive a $500L gift certificate
#2 Fav will receive a $300L gift certificate
#3 Fav will receive a $200L gift certificate

I'll TRY to do this every month or so. So get taken some pics! Please put your SL name in your description, which pair of shoes you are featuring, and anything else you wanna put in there.. but at least those things. I will also use the pics in my store, as ART. *wink*

Rowan Carroll

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ever found something sooo ultimately cute that you MUST share it? I did

They are called "Sculpted Toe Socks" by charlot dickins
I found them on SLEX. They are $450L which for sculptied stuff isn't TOO bad. Here are some GLAM shots I made.. just having fun with them! No this is NOT my SL bedroom.. this is just something I plopped in the middle of my workshop JUST to take these pics.. ehheeh..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

30 new pairs

that's right.. 30 new pairs..

My New table at the front of the store is just over FLOWING with new shoooes
and even some wings!

Here are some pics.. I'm too tired to blather on to you.. isn't that a new one?
$150L a pair, Transfer only

$150L a pair, Transfer only

$95L a pair, Transfer only

Men's $95L a pair, Transfer only

$95L a pair, Transfer only

Monday, May 12, 2008


OMG decent SL feet! YES! I found.. ok.. well I was given some decent SL feet! Here I am, whining on the designer chat channel about how uuuggglllyyy most SL feet are. Suddenly Siddean Munro pipes up about her feet. Ok.. fine.. lemme see. She graciously sends me a skin, SLink Madison Sunkissed Skin - Robin
I wear it.. wait for SL to rez and zooooom in on the feetsies. OMG Toes! REAL TOES!
People, I like this skin. Happy well drawn nipples. A naughty hoo hoo that doesn't become an anatomy lesson. Wrinkles behind the knees. Nicely handdrawn ears that don't look like you laid your head on a flat bed scanner.

Oh.. she has a subscribe-o-crack! I swear. I have more subscribe-o-matic groups than I do normal ones! heheh
I love love love the stained glass in her store

She also sells shoes.. but I won't go into that. :P And clothing. But.. the skins.. ooooooh *drool*

$800L a piece for glory! Not a bad price. TP there now

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I found something really neat in SL. A skywriting wand. So I fixed it up a bit and I'm giving it away free to my update group!

To join my group, it's free.. just search for "She's So Unusual Shoes Update Group" you SHOULD find it.. if SL isn't totally borked tonight!

I love this wand! The prims it rezzes are temp, so you can't realy fill a parcel with them. These will become ALL the rage in clubs and parties. They are temp but not phantom, so be careful spinning your AV in circle while drawing. I caged myself a few times doing that!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Outposts and malls

So I've been looking around for vendor spots lately. Thought I'd share with you a few of my spots.

Here is the SLurl to my store in Moosh, a huge fab newish mall. Basically alot of the designers from Cotton Candy moved here, including me. Elizabeth Hallstrom is the manager. Contact her for info on renting.

Here is my VERY newest, just opened today spot in the Shadow of the Moon Earth Mall. You will land and see a TPer.. sit and choose Earth.. Adrianna Anthony is the contact for renting info. There are lots of open spaces here.

And my favorite new spot on Thistledown. This is a wonderful residental sim owned by a friend of mine, who just has a little store and let me plop a few boxes down. I had to give you pics of the 7 Seas fishing near the store

isn't that a beautiful island? The owner just dropped tier prices by $3USD. If you are looking for your own tropical paradise, contact Neural Blankes for more info and pricing. Her regular prices are $7USD for a 1024! or $1792L a month for 1024m2! Trust me.. that is a really good pricing.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Making Reviews and Money

I found this website today.. they take well written reviews of places, stores, clubs and such in SL and post them. They offer $500L if your review is published on the site. I love this idea.
Hell.. I love all feedback. I like the idea of regular SLers.. not just regular bloggers, reviewing stores. Go hit some stores you love, stores you hate, stores you've never been to. Are there REAL hopping clubs? Review them! How about reviewing a decent mall that actually has real people in it?

Here is the link

Get out there and REVIEW your favorite stores and maybe make a little cash to spend there also!
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