Tuesday, August 25, 2009

These shoes were made for....

I'm not sure what they were made for.. but I made them.. and in 21 colors plus the free multicolor preview I sent out to my subscribe group!

They are in the middle of the store now. Enjooooy! I know I did..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pssst.. you want to join my group

you really really really dooooo.. Just sent out a preview to my groupies via my in world mailing list.. .. hahah.. I can't wait to see the comments.. post a blog post in the comments here if you use the shoes in your blog.. If you aren't a member.. why not? Come by the store and whack the kiosk..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Noob Heels

Geez... the things I do to get you people off my back! I finally put my Noob pumps in my Xstreet box and put them up there for $1L so you can give them to people. They are STILL in my Lucky Chair for free, if you are so inclined.

I have some VERY SPECIAL shoes upcoming.. ehehe.. *giggle* Something the girls in Fashion Emergency dared me to make. Never dare a crazy shoelady.

Friday, August 14, 2009


YES! I have a little store on Harold so I joined the Starlust Motel Panty Raid Hunt! Here's my offering.. see if YOU can find it!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Victorian Low Pumps

So NCI, New Citizen's Inc has a sim with Caledon. I've often been asked to do some victorian style shoes. I've been working on these while.. I thought they needed something a little more.. so I added a little chain. and voila! Perfect!

Comes in 10 colors, $95L a pair and transfer only

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lesson: Sculptypaint Shadow Baking

From time to time I like to give little lessons. Today's lesson is "How to bake shadows on sculpties you own"

First you need to download Sculptypaint. It's a free program and I've linked you HERE.
Open it completely and install. Yay! You can use it to make sculpties. HERE is the tutorial.
I'm going to show you how I use Sculptypaint to "bake" a shadow map for sculpties I've bought.

First, save your sculptie texture! Open the texture in SL. Click "File" then "save Texture as" and name it something you will remember.

In Sculptypaint, click Load Sculpt Map. You can do this with .tga or .png files. You can even do it with alpha'ed out sculpties. The only ones that don't see to work, are non-full perm sculpties. If you cannot "Save Texture As" then.. well.. you can NOT bake the shadow map.

Next. Click on the object and rotate it, by dragging the mouse pointer around. Give it a good look over. Then click on Texture Sketch at the bottom of the window. Yay! Your sculptie will be black or grey.

Click on Bake Texture, under the Red Green Blue Grey Grey Grey bars in the middle of the right hand side.

Then use the arrows under that to adjust your lighting. If you move your mouse over the shadow map on the top of the right hand side, you will see it move over the sculptie, helping you locate what part of the shadow map is what part of the sculptie.

Save your WORK! Click Save Texture and text will pop up in the windows near the sculptie. That's your shadow map! Yay!

Load your shadow map into Photoshop or your photo editing software of choice. I usually do a Gaussian Blur at first. Then I like to offset by 128pixels each way and do a bit of hand smearing to get rid of any really sharp contrast after the offset.

There is your grey toned shadow map. Alot of creators will use this as a Overlay layer. You choose Overlay from the drop down menu of layer properties. Adjust the opacity to adjust the amount of highlight/shadow you get. Save and upload to SL, and apply to your sculptie prim. Tada! You did it.

It takes a bit of playing around in PS, but playing in PS is how most people get to be so good at it. Don't be afraid to try it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So. Renee Lowenhart of FabFree blog fame IMs me with an idea for some bachelorette party shoes. I'm game for any type of fun shoe, ya know! So I make some cute little shoes with lace, and bows and little golden bells. Well after that, you need a cute funny veil to wear too! And party favors, and some man candy and a checklist, and a not so spammy gesture.

So I make a cute matching veil, and when you're partying down with your girlfriends, they touch the veil and get a random party favor. A Man Candy cutout, a penis lollipop, a chocolate cupcake with penis candle or a Bachelorette Party shotglass!

The veil and the shoes are giftboxed with a Checklist sign and a funny gesture for you all to use at the club.

Comes in 6 colors, White, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, and Red with black lace and bows for the gothy weddings. Each pack is $200L and giftboxed transfer for easy Bride to Be gift giving!

PS. Thanks to the FABGlitter Women's Club for the use of the club for the style shot!
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