Thursday, December 31, 2009

Prize Chair Roulette

Sooo.. A friend and I have been working on a new Lucky Chair type device. It's called.. Prize Chair Roulette! 6 people sit on the stools and the game starts. one by one they are randomly ejected from the chair. The last person sitting wins the prize!

Of course for this special occasion I made some new shoes to put in it! Adorably cute flats with a snail on one toe and a ladybug on the other. So come to the store, bring 5 of your friends and play the Prize Chair Roulette.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Limited Editions

Every year I do some special shoes for the upcoming New Year's. This year, I have some really cute pumps with 2010 in charms. They are $95L a pair, transfer only and will be available, along with the rest of my Holiday Limited Editions, until Jan 3rd. Better get them now! The group gift Reindeer Slippers are still available. Just join the subscriber thingie inside the store, then touch the white box on the side!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Stuff!

Caution! Pic Heavy POST!

Happy Holidays Shoe Lovers! Here comes the Limited Editions from She's So Unusual Shoes. First up Xmas versions of my Belted Ruffle boots. $195L each, transfer only

Then, I love a good snowglobe and I love shoes. Mash together and you get THESE! $195L Transfer only

What's Christmas without an elf and what's an elf without... boots! Optional jingle walk! yay! $195L a pair, transfer only

And sometimes the only thing you need on a special holiday night is a candle, burning bright. These are guaranteed to keep your toes warm. $95L a pair, transfer only

And if you've joined my mailing list subscribo thingie, you're received an early Xmas present! Cutesy Reindeer slippers. Touch for a bit of music, optional jingle walk. If you want these, touch the subscribo thingie in the front of the store, then touch the white box on the side of it.

If you're at the store and you check the lucky chairs, you just might get these! Festive version of my famous lace trim pumps.

And while you're checking the chairs, whack the MM board to get these cool platforms.

Merry Christmas to all and to all.. a good shopping experience!
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