Friday, September 26, 2008

Lucky chair specials!

Just for this Halloween season I've made some new fun shoes and stuck them in my lucky chair!

all of these can be found in my store on Unusual Isle IN the Lucky Chair

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

WOOO! This is one of my favorite holidays.. if you consider it a holiday. I tend to like the smaller more unusual days. Mardi Gras is another one. I always do something totally fun and special..
This is my Third SL Year to celebrate TLAPD.

Sept 17-19th all over Unusual Isle will be messages in bottle filled with goodies from some of the islands vendors. Maybe even some NOT island vendors!

THEN we'll fill the night of the 19th with pirate booty shakin! Dj WindFall and DJ Sunfire, two VERY hot DJs will be spinning tunes just for us from 9-midnight.

Come dressed in your best pirate wear and be prepared to ARRRR your way through the night. This year's theme is Shipwrecked! And we'll be out on a sandbar off the coast of Unusual Isle. Last year was soo much fun, the party officially ended at midnight, but I was up to 3 SLT and there were STILL people hanging out.

You never know WHAT goodies I'll be dropping or what will wash up on the shore. Come see and be seen! If you miss it.. you'll miss alot..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I have three new styles of shoes I'm releasing.. They are in fat packs because.. well.. I felt like it!
First up we have some new boots!

$195L for ALL FOUR colors! and you can wear them without the upper part as just an ankle boot!

Next I have some Sculptied pumps.. Now.. I was asked to make some pumps sized for men's feet. and they turned out SO well.. that I sized them for ME too!
So we have SissyBoy pumps and SassyGirl pumps!
8 solid colors for fall and 5 fun patterns free! Only $300L for each fat pack and ALL the shoes in the packs are transferable so you can share them with your friends or keep them all for yourself.

Everything is on the NEW table in the front of the store on Unusual Isle

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sculptied Wedge Pumps!

Another one of my fav $95L shoes! These are on the New Table in the front of the store. $95L a pair, Transfer only. 8 colors. Wine, Carrot, Ecru, Forest, Lapis, Plum, Caramel and Slate.

Angels and Devils among us

Hey all! I just released a new group gift! Two BRAND new pairs of shoes. I'm getting back into the swing of things for fall. I have a new style that should be released this weekend in 8 new colors for fall.
These are just some fun shoes I made, Devilish Flame Pumps and Angelic Wing Pumps. They are ONLY available right now as a group gift. You have to join FOR FREE my update group. Look for She's So Unusual Shoes Update Group and join. you don't have to stay.. I understand that there are many groups out there and we can't stay in more than 25. I've looked into the Subscribe-o-matics but they are a little pricey for me. Did you know they charge per group member? Bah! I'll keep my costs down and do groups the old fashion way. And when I sent out a group giftie.. I'll let you know right here on the blog.
I'm STILL looking to drop gift packs FULL of shoes on fashion bloggers. Sooooo.. tell me your blog and your SL name and get a giftie.
For now.. your little cobbler Elf!
Rowan Carroll

Monday, September 1, 2008


Well.. I've been a little out of game.. sorta.. I've been thinking about new designs and such. Don't worry I'm not LEAVING SL.. Just.. need a little time to work up some new fall designs. I've got some really fun boots in the works.
Right now, I'm working on advertising. As fall comes in, so do the people. All summer, everyone's been outside, playing, having fun and now it's time for them to come back to the puter. How do I get these eyes on my stuff?
I've made a few ads, putting them up places. I've decided to do a new and fun idea. There are literally hundreds of fashion bloggers. I love how creative and inventive they are. But they don't seem to be noticing my crazy shoes.
Here's the deal. Link me here or in world to your Fashion Blog. Whether it's on the feed, or just something for you and your friends. Make sure you leave your SL name. I will drop a nice little package on you. Just a.... TOKEN of my affection. Yeah.. you could say I'm BUYING votes here. *shrug* Maybe I'm just trying to spice up the fashion blogging world. You can only see SO many of the same outfits and shoes OVER and OVER. '
SO! Bloggers! Link ME! Get gift. Simple!

Rowan Carroll
She's So Unusual Shoes
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