Sunday, February 25, 2007

Virtual Angels

Look at me!! Three posts in one night! WOO!

Maybe you've heard and maybe you haven't, but there is a huuge charity sale going on right now. Let me fill you in.. straight from Simone Stern

"Virtual Angels Yard Sale Please join the Virtual Angels as they sponsor a huge, ten-day, simwide yard sale, starting on February 22nd. The proceeds will be devoted to the Virtual Angels' wellness fund. The Virtual Angels is a new group, founded by Simone Stern. Formerly known as Ayeshe’s Angels, the Virtual Angels will become a real world non-profit to help those in need. Currently, the charity is exploring the steps needed to become an official non-profile and apply for tax-free status in the United States. All money donated to the Virtual Angels will earmarked for the care of Ayeshe Millions, the first of many to be chosen as the beneficiary of the charity work that started here in Second Life. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up clothing from your favorite top designers and also help your fellow residents. Donations can be sent to Simone Stern, Nerine Kasei or Susan Pegler in a folder marked "Virtual Angels Yard Sale Donation" and also money donations may dropped into Virtual Angels kiosks in stores around Second Life."

I've been to the yard sale. Veni, Vici, Repadi.. I came, I saw, I bought! HA! I'm not just a blogger, I'm an internet translater user too! Guess what? I'm also a donater! I donated some shoes to the Yard Sale. AFTER I bought a large amount of Simone's outfits.. each for $100L. I mean. what in the world is better than a SALE AND helping someone? If it was chocolate.. I think that's the only way it could be better.

Virtual Angels Yard Sale

CatWalk City

If you haven't heard about CatWalk City, you've obviously living your SL under a prim shaped like a rock. This is the newest and best mall in SL. They have a wonder space, set up more like a REAL mall than just.. heey look I hollowed out a cube and I'll rent it to you cheap! 3 floors, 6 boutiques and even a REAL catwalk for fashion shows! They even have their own, in house modeling agency so designers can have models for their fashion shows on the catwalk. That is a really new and interesting idea. Sorta like a Super Wal-Mart approach to fashion. Everything in one place.

Speaking of Fashion Shows, now is the season. And CatWalk City is holding a huuge SL fashion show Feb 25th. Actually, 2 Shows! One at 4pm SLT and one at 8pm SLT to make sure everyone can make it. This is the Grand Opening of CatWalk City, so expect alot of people. But also, get ready for some major shopping. I've been to CatWalk City already. There are ALOT of the best designers in SL already renting spaces. This should be one HECK of a fashion show. With DOOR prizes!! How many RL fashion shows have DOOR prizes!

I'm gonna try to make it there. Here's to hoping the grid and/or my puter will let me! Come give me a shout out if you see me. I loooove to see my readers in SL


So my Party went over WELL! We had three Lindens show up, Teeple, Spike and Hermia! WOO! And not because we were being naughty. Also notable in attendance: the Infamous Tateru Nino, The delectable Swirly Cyclone, Austie Pelger of Reasonable Desires, Carl Metropolitan of NCI, CaSimone Aquitaine of Topaz Square, and Autumn Heyse of Autumn's Elements. Thanks to everyone who made it out! I had a BLAST! You guys virtually wore a RL me out.

Hopefully now I can get back to blogging about stores and such. Sorry I've been so slack lately. I will return, shopping my way through SL!

Thanks again for making my Mardi Gras a night to remember!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where has Rowan Been?

Here! I've been here.. in SL and RL.. Working my butt off. I've also been sick.. still. Yuck.. I haven't forgotten you wonderful Blog readers. In Fact.. I have a present for you..

YES! Neural and I are holding the HUGEST BIGGEST Mardi Gras Party!! I want everyone who is on to come by.. at least until SL crashes! I'll be giving away sooo many prizes, the raffle ball might die! I got Sine Wave and other dances in my dance ball, I made my first flexi skirt and I'm giving it away in a souviner outfit. I've got a mask, some beads, some other fun stuff. SO if you happen to be in world on Feb 20th anytime between 5pm and 12 am SLT.. come on by the store and GET down with us.
BTW.. if you happen to be a DJ or know a DJ.. send them to me, ok?
See you sooon!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Charlotte Hausdorff Fashions

Look at you Lucky People.. You get to see me naked today. Skins are a constantly talked about thing in SL. Everyone has their favorite skin makers. Everyone debates the good and bad points of each designer. Everyone bitches about the price, especially when they are a newbie. Back some time ago, before I was a Big Time Blogger *HA!* I found a freebie skin at NCI by Charlotte Hausdorff. It was wonderfully detailed, if lacking nipples and a naughty hoo hoo. I had to see more.
On to the image above, shall we? First on the left is ME! Yeah.. I wasn't about to ask my models to pose naked for me. I'm just that kinda girl. I'm wearing.. NOTHING but CHF's Daisy skin. IN this pack for an AMAZING $99L comes the skin, a shape and some wonderful eyes. Let's talk about the skin shall we? I love Charlotte's collarbone detailing. She does SO well with the little shading and all that we definitely need in our colarbone area. See the shading around the breasts? Perfect as are the nipples. She has some great nipples. I've seen some skins that look like they cut and pasted them off a National Geographic magazine. Just dinner plate huge and off color, but these are the right size and they even keep their detail on my huge boobs. The makeup is light and crisp, without any of the ashy "face highlighting" that you see on other skin. And the naughty hoo hoo? Realistic, if a little dark. Just a little "landing strip" as they call it. Can I say even her EARS are pretty good? All this for only $99L. Of course it is just ONE makeup and skin tone. But if you are looking for a good first skin. This works UNLESS you...
Buy the skin on me in the middle. This was my skin for the longest time. The Sweet Female Newbie Skin. It's only $199 and contains 2 makeups and 9 skin tones. I LOVE this skin. the makeup is neutral enough to work with a bunch of outfits. From ballroom to bedroom to boardroom. The detailing is wonderful! A detailed BUT discreet naughty hoo hoo, preportioned nipples, and Charlotte's fab collarbone shading. I got alot of compliments when I wore this skin.
On sale right now at Charlotte's is the Sweet Joellyn skin. This is her big skin line. There are 23 different makeups and 5 different skin tones. The sale right now is $799 for a three pack of makeups in one skin tone. I'm wearing the demo above. I have to tell you. I love the way it looked on my shape. I'm VERY tempted to buy all the makeups. Oh! Each makeup is available individually on the other wall of the store, each for $499. Which makes the 3 pack, a GREAT deal.
Lastly, on the right is a tiny bit of Charlotte's other work, lingerie. It must be the month. I don't think I've been seen in my undies this much since I was a kid! This is her Sweet Dream set. With stockings, panties, garter, adorable, wanna wear it all the time bodice and a bra you can wear instead of the bodice. But why would you want to? Look at the sheer lace! The cute little bows on the garters! And the lacing on the bodice! I love! I love! The seams are perfect up and down this item. The little bows are even shaded to look 3D. I guess since everyone's seen me naked, it's ok to run around in this til V-day huh? Maybe now I'll catch a man!
Overall, Charlotte pays alot of attention to detail. That's gonna make her business. Skins are all about details and the amount of details on her skins are AMAZING for the price. These look like skins you would pay alot more for. But you don't have to anymore. Charlotte, keep up the good work. Also, this lovely woman has a lucky chair in her garden along with a money tree.. She's generous too! She also has a small selection of shoes and some men's clothing.
Charlotte Hausdorff owner in game since 6/15/06
Average price $99-799 for skins
Yes her picks take you right to her store
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