Wednesday, October 24, 2007

(N) Stockings *edited*

There are SO many stockings to choose from in this store, that I just took pics of the varieties. Besides, I modeled for some of the pics, so I know how good these are.

Neural Blankes owns (N) and makes all sorts of great clothing. But today, I go for the stockings. The Colors! OH MY GOD. There are soo many colors to choose from, and sooo many different styles. Sheer with back seams, Lace Roses, Lace topped, Large Fishnet with the BEST sideseams! They line up!

Look at the work on the ankle. Anyone can tell you that SL ankles are a BIIIITCH to texture. I love the way the line is still straight all the way down the leg, even to the heel. FAB.

Prices in (N) range from $1L for some great Halloween stockings to $100L for a multipack of colors.

I love these stockings, they are my total goto stockings for sexy times and any time I need them.

SLurl? Of course you may!

(N) Stockings and other fine items

FIXED the Slurl! WOO! $10L sale going on now.. I love Neural's poses if you are interested in modeling poses or sits for furniture.. click the linkage!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Review Copy Policy

This is a TWO part blog post

If you are a blogger and interested in a review pack of my shoes, please send me a notecard with a link to your blog. I will check out your blog and send you a review pack. If there are certain shoes you would like to see, please mention that in the notecard. If you have any special needs, different perms, full perm ad pics, the like, mention that. I'd love a link to the article in which my shoes are featured. Don't feel shy about asking. It MAKES my DAY to hear that someone actually likes my shoes. If you have an idea for a different color or a neat pair of shoes, send that in a notecard also! I love new ideas!

If you would like me to look at your clothing, accessories, hair, doodads, etc. Please, just send me a LM to your main store. Review copies drive me crazy, as I usually go after the smaller stores. I will BUY what I like. I like to think that I make the day of the person who's store I just plunked some cash down in. Alot of the little stores that I blog, I prolly just paid their store rental with my purchase. I remember how it was, when someone stopped by and bought TWO pairs of my shoes. I would get SO emotional about it. I hope that I do that to some people too. So, small store owners - LM me.. Let me see your work.

Thank you!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

New shoes from me!

That's right.. I made more shoes..

I'm most proud of these

Limited Edition Halloween Platforms. Only Available until Nov 1st.. then I take off the new table and delete them.. Sad...

Some other fun shoes.. Legwarmer Pumps!

More colors available.. I just really like the rainbow ones.

Come by the store, all these shoes are on the new table, right in front.. see ya!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

+F+ and Nekow's Keys

I've been wanting to do a Loli post on my blog. I know there are ALOT of cute little loli's around. Most of them hang out at NCI Kuula and are good friends with me. They are a fun bunch and AWFUL stylish. One of the Lolis is Elda. My very good friend who helped me get the great land my store is on in Redux NW. It was her RL B-day, so I decided I should blog something Elda would wear.
We went back to the Doll Mall that we visited before.. Victorianna's Boutique: Royal Doll Mall In Hogback. I saw these cute loli dresses on the wall and BOOM. A Blog post was born.
+F+ has a great sense of Loli style and some great Loli prices!
I'm on the left, in a cool Loli shape that I got from NCI's freebie wall. I'm wearing +F+ Pinkand Black. For a COOL $200L I got top, pants, gloves, socks and a flexi prim skirt. LOVE IT! Love the bell sleeves and the striped socks. These might get worn at other times too. They are no transfer, but copy.
Elda, dear Elda, is on the right, wearing +F+ Marron Cream. It also was $200L and included jacket, shirt, skirt, socks, undies,prim ribbon, prim sleeves and prim skirt. Wow! It was transfer, no copy. Love the split skirt and all the little prim details.
Now you MAY have noticed I'm wearing a wind up doll key. My little Neko Loli friend Nekow42 makes these wonderful keys and sells them above my store. I think they are totally adorable. Here are the instructions that pop up when you wear them.
Say /8 interval to set the interval in seconds. For example, /8 300 would make it wind down every 300 seconds. This will take effect after then next key-click
It's really cute how it will say in open chat, SoanSo has wound down and you slump over til someone clicks your key and "winds" you up. The keys range from $10 to $60L. Not bad! they are no transfer so IM Nekow42 Zarf if you want to gift them here is a SLurl to her spot in my store
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