Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Call for Last Call

So the sim is closing down tonight at 6pm. It's sad really. Dazzle was around when I first started SL. Something I aspired to be. The Greatest Shoe Designer in SL.. HA! Not even close.

Now that I've bought everything I wanted... I feel a sense of loss. Prolly even more than I did when it was made known that Ginny had died.

Here's my crazy idea. Tonight, Fashionistas of the Grid UNITE. Dress in your fav Last Call items and join us in a candlelight vigil. Let us share stories. Let us look fab and celebrate the life and slife of Ginny.

I'll be there. if I can get in!

Update! and Free Boots!

K ya'll.... How to get free boots. If you didn't already hear about it from the Fab Free Blog..

Join my update group... check notices... get boots! Sweeeet!

Men's Platform Creepers. Many cool patterns.. only $95L a pair.. Transfer only!

Men's Ostrich Sh!tkickers.. 4 colors, transfer only. $95L a pair

Saturday, March 15, 2008

!SSUS! Update 3-15

I told you I'd have those Fierce Booties released.. here is the pic of the Feather Fierce Booties. You have to hit the store or join the update group to see the rest.

Also Some Fruity Heels! Based on the Watermelon heels from SYD Grand Opening, a fruit basket of shoes for you..
The Fruity Watermelon heels have been rereleased as a $1L pair.

All on the NEW table at the front of the store.. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Tree!

I don't know about you.. but Spring to me means the Cherry Blossom trees.. I love them. So I made one!

yes.. the latest in my series of particle trees. Now available, copy only in front of my store in Redux NW.

Comes with a perching pose, poofing cherry blossoms and falling petals. only $200L
Also available on SLEX for gift giving

Rowan Carroll

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Small Update

Not enough to post on the FashCon...

Some Limited Editions for St Patty's day

And a small teaser of some FIERCE new booties coming from me..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well.. part #1 of the revamp is complete. I've gotten rid of the boxes and shelves and gone with a sign on the wall style. Does give a little more rooooom to the store. I've also gotten a new puter, so moving ALL my files over. uuugh.

Next of the ReVamp, and you'll see signs for it in the store now, Men's line. I have a few pairs of men's shoes already that were mixed in. So I didn't have alot of men coming to the store. I have a few more pairs in my inventory and they will be released soon. Also some new shoes for the ladies, of course. It IS She's So Unusual Shoes...

I also have some new freebies I need to box up.,. and possible make.. the good creative juices are flowing again..

Things for YOU to look forward to:

#1. Men's shoes!
#2. Freebies!
#3. Partial sculptie boots
#4. Cowgirl boots?
#5. Spring styles!
#6. Happy Rowan

I love comments. Drop me a comment on how you like the new style of the displays.

How about a comment on what you are wanting to see this spring? I understand Mod is VERY in this spring. I'm already seeing it pop up in other designers stuff.

Any Designers that would like to work with me on something, let me know.. I'm alot of fun.. just ask Pinchyface... *giggle*

Don't forget to join my update group to know exactly when I release new stuff. I love to give out shoes to my group.

Rowan Carroll
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