Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is right around the corner! OMG OMG OMG! Sorry I'm so late, but I've been laid up with pneumonia.. BUT I do have a group giftie coming for you all!

Some great other Xmas themed shoes:

Limited Edition Elf Throwing Santa Platforms. Touch for some elves! $195L copy only

Some warm patchwork boots in Xmas colors, only $95L a pair transfer only

Aren't these flats CUTE? The lights light up when you walk! Bargain priced at $50L a pair and they are transfer for gift giving!

For the elf in all of us, some poof booties! $95L and transfer

And as usual, a great pair of New Year's pumps! Glitter covered and touch for 2011! YAY! Totally bargain priced at $50L a pair and transfer. Buy some for everyone!

All available NOW in the main store, She's So Unusual Shoes

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Twisted Krissmuss

Hey! I told you I was participating in the Twisted Krissmuss this year and here's my special! 2 packs of Glitter Booties! Each pack has two pairs of booties, transfer. 2 pairs for $100L! Buy a pack and keep one for you and share the other with a friend. They are in the store now.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glitter Leopard Flats!

Hey all! I know it's been a bit of lull from me, but I'm back baby! With some cute little glittery flats perfect for all your holiday parties.
The Glitter Leopard flats come in 9 colors and are only $95L a piece, transfer only.

I also redid my old Winter tree, updating the particles and the sculpties. I think it looks MUCH better. The snow angel anim and shadow are still killer. It's in front of my store for $200L, copy only so rez them everywhere for a festive winter touch. I think the snow particles are much prettier, softly falling and not so heavy.

I'll be posting pics soon of my shoes for the Twisted Krissmuss festival. Transfer items for $100L to make this gift giving season a bit easier for us all. I made some GREAT boots and I'm selling them in a 2 pack, so you can share!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Starlust Specials!

As you know, the Starlust sim collective will be dissolving soon. The times are a changing, and change, well, change sucks.

So, a bunch of people decided to do something. You know, one last hurrah for a place that’s brought us panty raids, unicorn sex rallies, an amazing set of builds, and just general WTF.

Starlust’s Last (one night) Stand. (Ok, so it’s not really one night, but we couldn’t resist the pun of Custer’s last stand, and one night stands. ) It’s actually a weekend long event, to benefit the founders of Starlust, as a way of saying thank you for creating this place, and helping them cover sim expenses in these last months.

There will be kissing booths, exclusive items (designers will donate a percentage of their sales to the Starlust founders), and much more!

Save the date, this weekend, November 12th-14th, for Starlust’s last stand.

I've put out two pairs of shoes for the event. The first are a redesign of my Goldfish Platforms with belly up fish, ucky water and dead plants. The second pair are Red Tassel Pumps and require an alpha layer viewer. They come with an optional Starlust Brand condom wrapper stuck to the heel. Each pair are $100L and transfer only

Thursday, November 4, 2010

MoMoSL Hunt

Hey, by now you've heard of the MoMoSL charity hunt right? Movember is the month formerly known as November and the hunt benefits Movember for prostate cancer. The hunt item is a handdrawn mustache. Here's my giftie!

The Hint is "I'm rockin's this 'tache with my zippers" There is a donation tip jar outside the store. Every bit helps!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Gotta love Halloween in SL! Things get a little crazy around here. I'm adding my own special touch.
First up, some new freebies.
You must have an alpha layer viewer for these. The Ghostly Legs are free in the front of the store with the other Halloween items. The Skelly Hand Pumps are added to the rotation in the Lucky Chairs. The Candy Corn Spewing Pumps shoot little candy corns out on touch and you and 99 friends get them, when you lock the Midnite Mania board.

How about some Limited Editions? Only available until Nov 2. Some of my older Limited Eds have become classics. Get these now! $195L a pair. Transfer only.

Lastly, some fun and funky platforms for your Nurse costume needs. Check out the syringes stuck in your foot. OUCHIE! $95L Each, Transfer only

As usual, all of these are in the front of the main store. Join my subscriber group thingie to keep up to date with the great things going on at She's So Unusual Shoes!

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Fall Tree!

So back in 2007 I made this fall tree with LOOOTS of falling leaves.. I've updated it since then and I decided to update it once more..

Presenting: The 2010 Fall Tree with falling leaves.. I got a really nice sculptied tree and I gave it some leaves that aren't particles for fullness..

For sale NOW right outside my store where I put one out to see.. enjoy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wear Gray Fair

Yay! I'm part of the big Wear Gray Fair! I put out 3 new items and here they are

First up The Grey Roses Boots. $200L Transfer only, with alpha layers only!

Next up Grey Roses and Vines Platforms $200L Transfer only

Then the Weight of the World Pumps $200L and transfer only

And finally my Burtonesque tree, scripted with falling shades of gray leaves. Yeah.. it's weird, but isn't that what I'm kinda known for? $200L and COPY only.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gatcha Gatcha good!

Hey! Gatcha mania is sweeping the grid, and I'm part of it! I got a gatcha machine in the main store now filled with 16 pairs of paisley ballet flats! Just pay the machine $25L and get a pair! they are transfer so you can collect and trade! ENJOY!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blogger Request Form

Ya know, there are a ton of blogs on the feed and I can't get to all of them. Not all of the blogs are gonna be interested in my shoes. So I decided to make this easier for both of us.

She's So Unusual Shoes Blogger Request Form

Thank you for wanting to blog the shoes from She's So Unusual Shoes. I appreciate all your hard work

Shoes Requested:

Just drop this note card with your name on Rowan Carroll and your shoes will arrive in a box asap. You may request as many shoes as you like from the main store.

Thank you.

Put this in a notecard, and drop it on me, Rowan Carroll in world.. THANKS!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hunts Hunts Hunts!

I'm part of TWO count them TWO hunts right now, though not at my main store.

First up is the 3rd Annual Starlust Panty Raid! Wooo PANTIES!
A Hunt for Underwear/Underwear-Related items!

WHEN? : Friday, August 13th- Tues, August 31th

WHAT DO YOU DO? : Hunt for sculpty clamshells hidden throughout the many sims of Starlust! They can be ANYWHERE (inside stores, outside stores, underwater, anywhere is fair game!)

The clams will be either free or $1L. Right click to buy!

You can begin your hunt in any of the Starlust sims (some may have more people than others, so feel free to begin in any of the sims!)

Any questions? Please send a NC to Averie Larnia!

Have fun!
<3 The Starlust Management & Vendors

Here's MY giftie!

You HAVE to see these panties! Just wear them and you pose as above and your face makes a surprised expression. The cherry pumps are too cute with little bows and a pair of cherries on the toe. Check out the pair with a pair of panties stuck on your heel. Teehee!

The second hunt is the Shopatorium Ice Cream Social. Mmmm Ice cream!
AUGUST 14 - AUGUST 31 2010

It's time again for another Shopatorium mini-hunt, so let's celebrate Summer! This mini-hunt will run from Saturday, August 14, through Tuesday, August 31.

It's the Shopatorium Ice Cream Social hunt!

This isn't a consecutive hunt, so you won't be using landmarks. There's a Sundae, an Ice Cream Cone and a Creamsicle to look for.

Here's my Giftie!

An Exclusive color of my popular Patchwork Unbuttoned Boots. A very light cream, almost grey. I call it Mushroom. Only available for the hunt!

I hear there are tons of great gifts at both these fun hunts. Have a ball!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shoe Fair

Who's excited? ME ME ME! Shoe Fair starts on Saturday. Here's the Official Press Release

6 AUGUST 2010

2010 SL® Shoe Fair to Benefit Soles4Souls

Sponsored by Gos Custom Footwear, R2 Fashion, N-Core Design, SLink

Media Sponsors, Chic Critique, FashionFeed of SL, What', blog.SecondStyle,


The expo is to benefit Souls4Soles, which you can read about here:

Last year's Footwear Expo was to benefit Toys for Tots and ran November 22 to December 6th. We raised $2500 USD for the cause. This year's event will benefit Soles4Souls and we hope to raise one million Lindens this year!

The event will run from August 7 - 22, 2010. Over 50 Shoe Designers from across the grid willl be showcasing their creations (most with new items introduced exclusively at the expo!) and helping to sponsor and support the benefit. In addition there will be a flickr photo contest, a Blogger contest, and a massive blow-out party at the end of the Expo.

We have a couple of exciting new things this year, first up Gatcha! There will be a couple of Gatcha machines on each sim with special items from Adorkable Poses, Boom, Exodi, Glitterati, Whippet & Buck, Diesel Works, Haven Designs, Stellar and!

The other thing are our Haybalers, these are another way for non-shoe designers to sponsor the fair and offer a few goodies for sale. Look for them along the paths as you walk around the sims.


Dates to Know

08/07 Flickr contest open for submissions (for info visit site)
Blogger contest begins

08/07 12:00pm Fair opens to the public

08/20 11:59pm Deadline for flickr and blogger contest entries

08/21 4:00-7:00pm Kick up your heels at the Shoe Fair's Hillbilly Hoe-down!

08/22 6:00pm Shoe Fair Closes

(all times in SLT)

***For any more information or for how you can contribute to Soles4Souls please don't hesitate to contact us!


Questions should be directed to Phoenix Chapman or Anastasia Trefusis, Fair Coordinators

Second Life® and SL® are both registered trademarks of Linden Lab® and no infringement is intended.

Whew, that was long. Just know that we got cute little barns full of shoe-y goodness. Here's a sample of what I'm bringing to the hoedown.

First up we have the Shoe Fair Exclusive Gurl Platforms. I will NOT be selling these after the Fair closes and 50% of the cost goes directly to the charity. Each pair is selling for $200L and is transfer only. Gurl Platforms in 5 different styles.

he camo boots are fun colors camo ankle boots with a hiking boot tread and a pointy heel. These are transfer only and will move to my main store after the Fair. $195L each. 8 Colors.

Gem sandals are flats with a thong toe strap, and gold set gems on the arch piece. These will be moving to my main store and are $95L a pair, transfer only. 10 colors.

An 80's twist on the classic pump, colored denim with a jean like zipper up the toe. Each pair is $95L, transfer only and will be moved to the main store. 8 colors

A sexy open toed, unbuttoned boot in patchwork leather with a carved wood heel. $195L, with transfer perms and will be on the shelf at the main store after the Fair. 7 colors.

My booth @ the Fair

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Relay for Life

So Relay for Life starts today in SL. I'm hanging out for a while at the Designers in Seclusion camp, cheering on the relayers. Stop by the DiS camp and see all the donated goods from some of your favorite designers.
SYSY"s Mainstore & studio's
Nicky Ree
Curious Seamstress
Caroline's Jewelry
Digital Eyes
Mela'ryn/DoveWorks Fashions
Accessories by Eolande
A Touch of Ireland
HonorBound: Fine Gorean Male Fashions
Clio -pret a porter
Miyoko Magic Boutique
Calico Ingmann Creations
Fantasia & Elements
Star Kindler Designs
Candi Bling Jewelry

It's all for a good cause, so bring your $L! I picked up some awesome capris from Haven, some hair from Calico, and some skirts from Fantasia. There are some great freebies at DiS camp too.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th!

WOOO!! Let's blow something up! It's the 4th of July weekend and it's my second $60L Weekend. I've combined them into a pair of HOT shoes that come with hand held sparklers for you pass around. Check them out in the store NOW

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My First $60L Weekend!

Here's my first pair of shoes for the $60L Weekend! WOO! Right in the door of the store. I looked over the notecard and there are some AMAZING sales out there. The entire list is available in my subscriber thingie.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

$60L Weekend!

Guess who is the newest member of the $60L Weekend group? ME! This will be my first weekend participating and I'm really excited to get to make some really fun and crazy shoes for a crazy cheap price. I mean.. ya know.. cheaper than usual!

I'm brainstorming some GREAT ideas. Thanks to the $60L Weekend group for this fun and fab idea.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goldfish and watermelon and strawberries Oh MY!

New freebies! OMG Fun stuff! New in the Lucky Chair rotation.. Touch these cute shoes for some strawberries!

Grab 5 friends and try out the Prize Roulette! Last one sitting wins!

I remade my Goldfish Platforms ... snazzy! $195L a pair in the store

Friday, May 28, 2010

Half Leopard Slingback Wedges

Hey! Finally a new release from the Row! Check out these cuuuute Half Leopard Sling Back Wedges. Only $95L a pair and transfer only. My good friend Laynie from Tea Lane made some sweet matching clothes.

And a new pair in my MM board! Gummi Bear pumps.. you HAVE to touch them. They are sooo funny!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


For my subscribers.. a NEW GROUP GIFTIE! Woot.. the lights blink.. how cuuute is that? Enjoy.. thanks for sticking with me.. More stuff to come....
To get these.. smack the subscriber sign then whack the white box on the side. If you are already a subscriber.. it should be coming to you..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

!SSUS! Big Spring Sale

So I know it's been awhile, RL has been busy busy busy! To get things rolling again, I'm having a Spring Sale. I've marked 20 random pairs of shoes down to.... $10L! yay! Sale lasts from May 3rd to the 10th and all during the week I will be switching out the marked down pairs. How fun is that?

So come by and remember why you love She's So Unusual Shoes.... and get some cheap shoes while you're at it. Whack the subscriber thingie to find out what I'm gonna do next....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dollarbie Bonanza!

So.. I get requests occasionally for some of my old group gifts and lucky chair items from people who see them on friends. I decided to help EVERYONE out and just put out over 50 of my group gifts and such out for a week, each for $1L.

So these will be out from March 10th, to March 17th, right inside the store. Just look for the big bunch of boxes on the floor. Come get ones you missed or just.. a bunch of new shoes!
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