Sunday, July 20, 2008

Men's Hunt!

If you haven't heard by now, there is a men's hunt going on right now! YES finally just for the our lovely MAN types!

Here is a SLURL to the starting point

List of participating shops

Sn@tch(2 here from Sn@tch and !Retox!)Bryce Designs
Sugar Mill
Accessories by Eolande
Ekstras, Inc
Bluebell Productions
Unique Needs!
Ephemeral Creations
:: Twisted Rose::
:[MudHoney]: (2 Hammers here)
Mischief Fashions
She's So Unusual Shoes (AHEM! YES! I made a special pair of my creepers for you!)
*Simply Spoiled (2 Hammers here)
YJ Shop
Synful Kreations
FD Style (2 Hammers here)
Bodies by Oh!

So ladies.. take your men out for some freebie joy and hey.. look around and see the new shops you might not have been to before!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who's on First?

Who cares! I wanna know who's on Unusual Isle!

We have...

NightStone Jewelry
Pazazz Hair
Autumn Elements
Studio Sidhe
Ephemeral Creations
Talisman Jewelry
Friends Forever Clothing
and.. like.. DUUH

She's So Unusual Shoes!

Friday, July 11, 2008

June Flickr Winners!

YES! I'm finally done.. I think.. with my Shoe Expo stall.

Here are the FAB winners of the June Contest!

#1. Ashlen Harchester

#2. DarkGinger

Ashlen will be getting a review pack of the shoes that I have made for the Shoe Expo. She will receive them tonight, BEFORE the official opening of the Shoe Expo.
DarkGinger will be getting a very nice Gift Certificate to a well known store.. as soon as I go grab it!

Posting for July has started! Let's really see what you all can do.
I'd like to have mostly the NEW shoes from the Expo but I will always have the contest open to ALL and ANY of my shoes!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Flickr and the Shoe Expo

I had some extra prims as I'm setting up at the Shoe Expo. So I pulled a pic from each of my Flickr Groupies that feature my shoes and I'm pasting them on the wall of my stall. I'm putting your name on each pic in case someone thinks you are the perfect new model for their fall line! If you do NOT want to be on my wall at the Shoe Expo, please let me know. I still have more room so if you would like to be on the wall at the Shoe Expo.. Get taking some pics!

This WILL change the prizes for June.. as soon as I get the prizes boxed up.. :} I just couldn't see NOT showing off all the great pics you guys keep posting. Think I'll go out and buy a couple REALLY nice gift cards for my winners.. :}

I just wanna say thank you to Phoenix, Delora and all the others who are working SOOO hard to make this Shoe Expo great. As Delora was taking me to my spot, I got a chance to look around. It's an amazing mix of new designers or at least NEW to me, old designers, FAMOUS names *wink wink nudge nudge* like me and Maitreya, and Juicy and Tesla, Shiny Things.. I could go on and on!

I can't believe they are letting ME showcase my wierd little shoes next to the giants of the SL fashion industry. I feel like the local hamburger wagon going to a McDonald's show! The best part of this, is we all are on equal footing. We all have the same prim limit and same size space. And they did a great job of mixing us all up. The big guys aren't all lumped together and the small guys are limited to like 1/4 of the prims like I've seen at some expos. The build is so fab. It's very simple and lagfree, but yet it's good quality work.

well.. the Expo opens on the 12th. We are just now getting to our spots and setting up. I can't wait to spend my evenings on the pink couch in my booth, meeting and greeting and chatting! I welcome you ALL to come up and say HOWDY. I LOVE meeting my fans, my detractors, my "people I haven't met yet"

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy 4th Freebie!

I just put out a $1L pair of USA Sandals on the steps on my store! They are just kinda fun and funky.. as usual.. Neat color morphing effect.. Come pick them up and look around inside for all the other $1L pairs I have! Maybe pick up some other shoes for my low low prices. My favorite price is $95L. I dunno why. Maybe I'm the Payless of SL.. eheheh..

Other news..
I'm working HARD on a neat pair of shoes JUST for the ASPCA at the Shoe Expo. I have 35 regular pairs to debut at the show. I've been just waiting for this. I know there's alot of changes going on, my moving to an island, not releasing much.. but it will be so worth it. I expect to see you all at the show

Flickr Contest for June! It's ended. I was glad to see such creative pics! I need to consult with my judges but I hope to announce the winners by Friday. But you know me, don't hold me to it. Great job EVERYONE! Get Ready for those July pics!
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