Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lingerie By Hollee

Well, the Self Promotion post told you that I share my store with Neural Blankes, who makes lingerie. So you'd think I wouldn't blog about other lingerie places. I'm not like that. I know Neural makes great stuff *blatant plug*but just like in the RL, there are a few other places that make good bras and panties.

So in our travels, we happened apon Lingerie By Hollee. #1. I don't make clothes. I make shoes. I can't draw a stick person to save my life. So anyone who can, I'm in awe over. But Hollee makes me almost drool. Check this stuff out.

Me in all three picks today. I just had to have them all for myself!

First outfit on the left, Satin Demi bra and panties in Hot Pink. Only $90L. There is a lovely amount of RL detail in this set. There are even little black strap sliders like real bras have. And you can see the shading where the underwire would be. The lace on the cups is a velvety looking black rose pattern that is repeated across the back strap. The little scrap of a pair of panties is tiny, yes, but still manages to cover my naughty bits! It shows the same detailing as the bra, with the velvety black pattern. The seams are a tiny bit off, but not enough to REALLY worry about. I'm sure if you wear this stuff you won't but looking at the seams! This comes in 9 hot colors, all nice vibrant, pop colors each for $90L or a fat pack of all 9 colors for a discounted $360L!

Me in the middle! WOO! These are two items really. Wrap around Silks in Pink and Black. Here's the deal. I had to buy these to make sure. The sign SAYS they are mix and match, so I bought two different colors to find out. You get four pieces of the outfit. Pants, shirt, underpants and undershirt layers. The Pants and Shirt layer of any color are sheer with a little tonal floral pattern. The under layers are sheer plain. I am wearing the pants and shirt from Black and the under layers from Pink. So you can see, you can have alot of fun with these. The seams need a little help. There were some mismatches across the inner thigh seams, mainly just near the knee area which I hear is quite a bitch to do anyways! The little marks you see in the pic along the edges of the ribbon make it look like real ribbon, a little edge texture if you will. You really can't wear any panties with this, since it takes both layers. But for you silk wearers who don't mind showing it off, this is great. It comes in 8 colors each for $60L or a fat pack of all 8 colors for $300L. Quite a discount!
Aaaaanndd Me on the right! I'm wearing my FAV item so far. I looove bodices and stockings and lacey under things. OOohh.. just hits my girlie girl side. This is the Black and Red Bodice and Stocking set for $120L. First off, this designer loves sheer with a lace texture because she does it well. All over the front of the bodice and a big panel in the back. Tiny bows tie the bodice down the front, with matching tiny bows *SQUEAL* on the back of the stockings AND the front of the panties. Truly makes this a matching set. The stockings have the classic seam up the back, and the side seams are well done. There is a little peaking on the outside edges, but everyone does that. I like the tiny looping lace detail at the top of the stockings, top of the panties and the neckline of the bodice. Seams all over all this set are well done and the detailing is almost perfect. This comes in 4 different color combos for $120L each or a fat pack for $300L.
Overall Hollee has GREAT sexy style, and an eye for detail. She's not afraid to show a little skin, either. Her stuff is very pretty and sensual without being too obvious. I'd like to see what she can come up with next.
Hollee Dion owner in game since 7/10/2005
Average price $30-$350 for fat packs
Yes her picks take you right to the store.

Monday, January 29, 2007

L'Elfe Blanc

You should listen to your friends. Often, they know stuff you don't. Like take Beverly. She's been telling about L'elfe Blanc since before I even started the blog. "Nice dresses! She even GIVES one away!" she said. So I finally broke down and let Bev TP to L'elfe's main store.
Lordy me. She's right! These are some pretty nice dresses, each for $100L or under! And there is a Free Today day under the sign. That's it. No chair you have to camp for, no TPing all your friends in. Just buy for $0L. The Free Today dress is this lovely grey and green, one shoulder number i'm wearing on the right.
The skirt is flexi, and with top matching details along the bottom. We know how much I like that. It didn't quite fit my butt, but I'm sure no one in all of SL has the exact same butt as me. I like the shading and details on the top. I'm just not too sure about the color. I love green. But not the HI-C Ectocooler green. I dunno, maybe it's just my poor sick widdle brain, but grey and green just don't go together very well. Maybe a grey and black, grey and red. Neon green is never a color to be on ball gowns. Neon green is meant for mini skirts and legwarmers. But I like this dress. I like the style. Not alot of one shoulder dresses in SL. The sweetheart bodice neckline is the preferred here in SL. It's nice to see a bit of change.
On the left, me again, wearing the Rusty Mandalas mini. This I got out of the Lucky Chair. That's right, she doesn't just GIVE away ONE gown, she has a Lucky Chair there too. You could visit her place and get TWO free gowns. If you're a newbie, that is great! Heck, if you're an oldbie, that's great! How many times do we get free gowns? This outfit comes with TWO different skirts. I prefer the mini skirt obviously, but the ball length flexi skirt is fun too. It has an interesting alpha to it, and the same detailing on the top and the mini skirt. THere is a nice bit of underboob shading and the patterned belt has no seen seams. I once again had to adjust the skirt.
What? DO I have the biggest BUTT in SL? Please, someone help me here? Maybe we should take a poll, and find the average butt size, hip size, all that. And get all the designers to use that average. I've had skirts thaat hover around my body like a hula hoop, and I've had skirts that disappear into my hips. Oh well. /rant off.
All in all, L'elfe Blanc looks like a good up and coming place. She had good prices, and the dresses are pretty darn good for the price. They aren't as detailed as some dresses that are $400000L but what you get is good. I'd tell the designer of L'elfe Blanc to give a little work to her detailing on the textures. And maybe not use a almost pure white skin for your ads. With the white background, it was almost like a floating gown. Overall, very nice $100L or under stuff
DrFran Babcock, owner in game since 4/30/06
Average price $100L
yes her picks takes you to her main store
PS Sorry for the lack of updates and the short post I'm sick! *sniffle cough*

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Self Promotion!

Yeah yeah yeah.. so what? I'm a small time designer with low price items. So, I'm gonna do a little self promotion. AKA I've been playing Smokin Aces and don't have time to blog a new place. So Shoot me.. but be warned.. I might shoot back!

OK.. so this is my store. I make shoes. Unusual shoes. Shoes with fun heels. All sorts of shoes. I sell my shoes for $10 and up. Good deal? yeah.. I know.

I have a deal right now that if you come up with an idea for a pair of shoes, I will make these shoes. Or at least try. YOU get the first pair I make and you get to model the shoes on the box for me. Pretty darn cool huh? Yeah.. that's what I thought. I've made a couple pairs for people already. Did I tell you they get named after you? Yeah.. that too..

These are my Brown Stacked Heels. I'm really proud of these. I'm selling them for $100. They fit size 0 feet like most prim shoes. I think these are pretty darn cool, almost look real! I also made these in a couple different colors and I made a fun wedge version too.

This is my buddy Neural's Store. Looks alot like mine. Probably because we share a store. Neural makes some of the best stockings in all of SL. Trust me. I know.. I have to look at them all the time. :}

She's really working hard on some fun lingerie for V-day, I love those cami's and thongs with the hearts. I like them so much, I made shoes to match! She's selling the outfit for $100!! How cool is that? Guess what.. the shoes are only $25.

OK.. enough self promotion. Sorry for the short blog post, I've been racking up the points in Smokin Aces. If you get a chance.. come on down! Come to the Smokin Aces Sim, and join the rest of us.

Rowan Carroll owner in game since 2/26/06
Neural Blankes makes the lingerie
yes, my picks take you to my store
Average price $10 - $200

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

1-800 Bettie

The person behind Rowan, behind the keyboard, behind the snarky comments and drooling, loves the 40's. I swear, I must have lived a life in the 40's. I will gladly listen to Big Band music, swing, vocal standards. I love the classic 40's 50's fashions. Was I the only one upset when Pleasantville went color?
So knowing this about me, an old friend took me to 1-800-Bettie's awhile back. Whilst I drooled, he told me to pick a dress. I wiped my mouth enough to say blue and I have the same dress Bev is wearing, but in blue.
So I was thinking of places to blog, and it's been a VERY 40's day. My RL mother got some Andrews Sisters videos for me, and I spent the day crooning along with Mel Torme', Peggy Lee, the Andrew and Macguire Sisters, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Might as well round out the day in the 40's vein and tell you about.. 1-800-Bettie's.
After a search, cause I couldn't remember if it was spelled Betty or Bettie.. and anyways, in search Bettie only comes up with some Mistress who charges $1000L for 20 minutes, I found my nirvana. Bettie's! The clothes, the hair, the SHOES.. oooh the SHOES, the stockings, even men's and some 50's style corset and panties. Are you drooling yet? I am.. and I've BEEN there!
1-800-Bettie's is a prim time machine back a few decades. I have a multi pass to this time machine. She has 30-50's things, all very well made and researched. This isn't GAP does the 40's. If I didn't know better, I'd say she probably wore these things herself, back in the correct era!
OK ok ok. enough.. ON to the review!
Bev here on the left, do we ever get enough Bev, is wearing the Swingin' dress in white, I own it in blue, for $200. You can wear it with or without the prim flexi skirt. I prefer it in all it's poofiness with the flexi skirt. Nach! Rowan and poofy just seem to go together. The bodice is well drawn, and have gorgeous little tuck details around the sweetheart neckline. I've worn this with a couple skins and so far, NO nipple slips! The gloves have drawn details too, and are a nice added touch. Not enough pretty gloves in SL. Make more please! The skirt isn't just colored prims, there's a layer detail drawn on the skirt prims. Much more realistic. Love it! The bell curve of the prims is just perfect. I think I would totally in love with this dress and NEVER take it off, if there were some poofy lacy layers under the skirt. But.. I'm totally in love with this dress anyways. It even really looks good without the prim part. How many outfits can you say that about? This comes in purple, red, blue, black, pink and green. Each one just as cute.
Bev is also wearing the Crawford's Curls hair in Blonde for $150. Sooo cutely retro. Just.. soo.. perfectly complimenting the style of the dress and the whole theme of the store. Nice and shiny, perfect curls. Nonflexi, of course. Comes in white, gold, rust, black, brunette. Comes with a bald *YAY*! Bev's also wearing the Slipper pumps in white for $100. They aren't a blinding white, almost an eggshell, which is VERY well researched. You know what I love about these shoes? That the level of detail includes a padded insole. PADDED insole! We don't really need it, but it's there. THAT is committment to detail. Comes in brown, white, black, red.
On to me, Rowan on the right! I'm wearing the Chic in Burgundy for $185. Love it! Can I just leave it at that? Oh, you know me.. I could talk all night! Let's get down to my favorite part of this dress. Do you see how skinny I look? Not skinny.. I have a cute little waist! I've been in bikini tops with booty shorts on and never have I see myself look so curvy and feminine! The top detailing just makes my chest pop, without popping out all over, and the high waist instead of hiding my tiny waist, makes it look even tinier. And ladies, this designer knows the secret. For once, in a basic skirt, my ass did not look the size of Greenland. I just looked, curvy. So Hot! The seams are lovely, as is the lines in the neckline. I like clean necklines. The detail on the top was a little muddled compared to the lighter color options for this dress, but the red was just soo calling to me, I had to buy it. Look! Prim cuffs! Little black gloves! It's the little things that MAKE dresses. I love the prim cuffs. Just the fact that it HAS prims cuffs. That is attention to detail. Oh! I love it.
I'm also wearing the Crawford's Curl, in Rust for $150. This needed modding. Obviously I have the largest head in SL. It's all brain matter, I swear. I went all out for me, I'm also wearing her lovely cuban heeled, seamed thigh high stockings in Taupe for $60 and the Slingbacks in black for $150. Seams are very nice in the stockings and it's nice to have flesh colored stockings occassionally, just for those times with hot pink or electric green won't work. The prim work on these shoes, I'm envious, I am. Again with the padded insole. the adorable little silver buckle. The fact that they fit up to size 6. How nice is that? Love love love!
Overall, I love this store. It fulfills all my baby boomer era love in one place. Ladies, they even have some men's stuff and hats! Did I mention hats? Come down, grab some clothes and go swing dancing. I will. if I can find me a guy to go dancing with. Anyone got a spare male?
Jacqueline Boehm in game since 7/31/06
Fey Fuller - maker of the wonderful shoes
Average price $100-$400
Her picks do NOT take you to the main store, try her classifieds, it's the one in Kyung.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


You know what one of my favorite words in the English language is.. SALE.. you put that word on something and I'll look.. I might even buy. I troll the Shopping forum looking for sales. Today I found DollyRock! WOO! $50L sale. I hurried my tushie over there, and saw these $50L stickers EVERYwhere. But..the original prices weren't bad either, so I had to investigate!
Here I am on the left in my $50 deal! Janey in Lilac. $50 people! Comes with the nicely detailed, well seamed top, that looks like a v neck sweater and a printed cami under but they are together on the shirt layer. The cute little booty shorts with drawn belt and buckle detail and a prim flexi skirt that works with the booty shorts. I needed to adjust the prim skirt as usual, and thankfully it was mod, so I could! The buckle detail never really came into too clearly for me. I'm not sure if this is SL or the texture so we'll call no fault on it. This also comes in a blue version.
Standing next to me is Xaxoqual, the beautiful Avian. She is wearing the Antoinette Black for $195. See.. told you even the not on sale stuff was a good price! I love the detail on the top matching the detail on the flexi prims. That is the kinda stuff that MAKES an outfit. Now.. we had a bit of confusion on this outfit and Bev's.. the detail looks cutoff. I had Bev take off the under basic skirt and there was the detail, on the under pants! NOW the outfit looks PERFECT. Xax did the same thing and everything was good again. So.. you can wear this outfit as a beautiful long dress.. or a beautiful pantsuit! How fun is that? Two outfits for only $195! It also comes in a white and gold version.
And between Bev and Xax is Melissa, who was in the store with us and volunteered to model the outfit she just bought! Sara in Mustard was on sale for $50l. This came with pants and top and skirt. The prim skirt is a tonal lace with lace stockings and a top with a little busty lace cutout. Very cute and basic. It's all on the underpants and undershirt layer. I guess you could add a nice jacket or vest over the top to jazz it up a bit. Mustard isn't a color you see very often in SL. I could have used some more details in this top, some creases or underbust details. But it's a very nice outfit and it came in Maroon, charcoal and red.
Last.. but not least, is Bev wearing another $50 special, the Emmalene long in Pink. That isn't prim fluff you see around the neck line.. it's well drawn on fluff and it's around the ankle cuffs too. The Silver scroll details beside the buttons is repeated on the prim skirt. That makes the outfit for me, even if it didn't have this wonderful flexi shape! I love the too-wide-to-get-my-hips-through-the-door look. It's the pretty pretty princess in me! but once again, I had Bev take off the base skirt and leave on the pants to get the full detailing. I love the detailing in this dress. The creasing in the prims, the slightly shiny buttons , the fluff.. it all works for me. Maybe I should trade dressed with Bev? Hmm.. naah.. for $50.. I'll buy my own.
All in All, DollyRock was a fun store. It's very bright and shiny and girlie! Her ads are well shot and informative. We'd like to tell Cherry to make it more clear that there are formals upstairs. Alot of the girls I brought into the store, didn't notice the signs, so intent were they on the $50L sale. DollyRock has a lucky chair, and a couple freebies. She even sells silks and has a small goth line. And she has an update group, DollyRock Divas. Don't forget her shapes for $50 all the time
Cherry Cheevers owner in game since 6-25-06
Average prices $100-200 with one outfit at $450, and sale for $soL, shapes $50L
Yes her picks take you right to the store

Friday, January 19, 2007


At least.. I think it's called Dawnshop. That's what her blog was called. I'll just call it.. GREAT! So I browse the new products forum on, and I see a shop I've never heard of. Why are there so many shop I've never heard of? Why am I missing so many oppurtunities to spend my Lindens?

So I pop in to see just what I was missing. I was missing ALOT. How many designers do you know that include HAIR in their reasonably priced outfits? Not alot, I'll tell ya. And cute hair at that! So let's review, shall we?

First on the left, we have Darling Mui. She is wearing Purple Lace Dress for $50! wait.. yes. $50!! And for your $50 big ones you get 4, count um 4 different flexi skirts AND a feather shoulder boa AND a belt! This comes in a bunch of different colors, each for $50. Gotta buy um all! The lace texture has a delicate, slightly floral pattern to it, very feminine and nice. Not alot of detail, but for $50 I can forgo some details. Mui mentions that the boa isn't mod, and comes on the same attachment point as alot of necklaces. The boa and the skirt both needed to be pulled down and all prim attachments should be mod. Just because, all our hips and shoulders aren't the same size.
Me in the middle! I'm wearing the new product I saw on the forums, Kiss Me in Pink for $150. This outfit is soo cute and Valentiney! Underneath the cropped top is a pink bikini top with pink lips on each breast. Woo! If I remove the skirt, I have some pink garter belt and under that is some tong panties! You can wear the panties without the garter and still have the stockings on. Let's hear it for choices! The seams line up well and the details are perfect. There, but not TOO much there. This also comes in blue, but Pink is SOO V-day!
Bev on the right is wearing the ultra sexy Dusk for $250. Like I said, some of her outfits come with hair.. and what hair this is! It's flexi strands with alpha and some chunky ribbons. Adorable little buns and those retro straight bangs. CUTE hair! Buut.. it's an outfit too! With great chunky cuffs with flexi feathers. I love the flexi feathers. I want flexi feathers! They have a great texture with alpha, really feathery. I love how they compliment the outfit so well. The top is so mod sexy. Bev said it showed a tiny bit of nipple, but not all skins have nipples inthe same place. The detailing on the top is just almost over the edge, but it really works. The highlighting shine on the breasts make this top really look vinyl or patent leather. It also comes with two pairs of pants, one long and flared and one short and tight for your favorite tall boots. I like the strapping detail, though we had some discussion on whether the pants were sheer or not. They aren't. Feel free to wear these without panties, ladies!
The inset is Mr Squish, modeling the freebie men's hair available at Dawnshop. OK.. not free, $1 measely dollar. I think it's one of the better free men's hairs. Most free men's hairs are WAY emo for your suit wearing guys, this is just casual enough without being too mopey and I-can't-deal-with-the-world-unless-I-have-bangs-covering-my-eyes. The bangs on this hair aarrree a bit on the girlie side, but guys.. you can pull it off
Over all thoughts. Why haven't we heard of Dawn sooner? Her stuff is well made and nicely detailed and GREAT prices. She's been in game for over a year, let's get her some reason to make more clothing for us! Dawn, maybe a nice lucky chair in your store, to get us girls coming by? I'm definitely gonna tell people about Dawn, hey.. that's why I blog isn't it?
Dawn Memorial owner in game since 11/29/05
average price $1-250
yes her picks takes you to the road in front of the store.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Radical Wook Designs

My model Mui dropped a LM on me. Told me she got a beautiful blue dress from a Lucky Chair and I HAD to blog the place. I TPed my little butt over there and saw outfits.. looovely outfits.. with even more lovely prices! So, here I am, blogging my heart out.
Radical Wook Designs is the name and prim skirt outfits with sexy prices are their game. Their store is nothing to shout about, just some plain walls and big glass walls, but who cares about how a store looks when they make clothes like this?
First up, they have 3, count them, 3 Lucky chairs! Now, I don't know if you all know about Lucky Chairs yet, because.. maybe.. you've been neglecting your Second Life for the last, ooooh, 6 months or so. These great little chairs give prizes to people with the first name that matches the "lucky" letter. I sit on R chairs, Mui gets the M chairs and Bev gets the B chairs. Got it? Good. And they are good, good for traffic, good for advertising, good for ME. Two of the three outfits I'm reviewing came out of the Lucky Chairs.
Vendors, let me tell you, DON'T PUT CRAP in your Lucky Chair. The Lucky Chair hoppers judge a store by what goes in the chair, so if you put your first ever made piece of the clothing, ya know, with the screwy lines and the bad alpha layer, in the chair, you're not gonna get repeat customers. There are WHOLE groups of people dedicated to hopping chairs and discussing their finds. I belong to like.. oohh.. 4 of them? These ladies and few gents will RIP you to shreds if you put crappy things in your chair. I have a chair in my store, and I love seeing people come and get the free shoes.
BACK to reviewing -
That's me there on the left, stunning as usual. I'm wearing the Carnation Too for $150. Top, pants undies and flexi skirt all included. Just LOOK at the tiny flower detail on the top. The subtle tone on tone floral accents that are NOT all over the top, just splayed down one side of the dress. THAT, my friends, is detail. There are even tiny silver buttons on the back of the dress. The same floral details are on each prim of the skirt, with shaded drawn gathering and lightly laced edge. Some real time went into making this dress. I couldn't even see the edge seams! How is that for some real Photoshop torture! The under skirt pants were just slightly off, but then.. I'm the only one who looks that closely at my butt. I did have to adjust the prim skirt.. which I hate, but... not everyone' butt is the same size. I understand that. The prims were nicely flexi, not too soft,and not too stiff. For $150, this is a DEFINITE keeper and drag my newbie friends to see. It also came in red, light blue, green, and purple.
In the middle we have our lovely Bev, who is wearing an outfit out of the Lucky Chair, Slate that sells for $150. I adore the skirt on this outfit. Black and white plaid and it's a NEW length! All skirts in SL must be BUTT showing short or where-the-hell-have-my-feet-gone long. The length on this prim flexi skirt is just above the knee. Perfect for teaching, or business meetings. It did need some adjusting, just pulled down a bit. It also comes with two tintable tops, one T-shirt as Bev is wearing and one velvet shirt. The tintable shirts didn't have much detail other than.. hey.. I'm velvet, but really.. they are tintable! Do you know how ODD that is in SL clothing?
Mui, dear, on the right is wearing another outfit out of the Lucky Chair, Beloved in Blue that retails for $200. Right away, let's say that I'm not a big fan in RL of ruching. Ruching makes everyone look wrinkled in RL. But in SL, I love the ruching on the bodice of this dress. It's detailed, highlighted, drawn and looks damn near real to the touch! The blue parts of the dress aren't just blue, they are a tonal lace texture. The prim skirt has two layers, the tonal lace and a fluffy black lace under layer for flounce. Prim skirts are fun, but FLOUNCY prim skirts are even better. It fit Miss Mui well, just a little adjustment which we are all getting used to by now. The side seams on the ruched bodice looked nice and the spaghetti halter straps were nice and clear. This outfit comes in a bunch of colors: red, charcoal, deep red, black and white.
All in all, I like this place. Not an overwhelming amount of clothing that makes your head spin, but a good assortment of well made pieces at FAB prices. Hit the Lucky Chairs if you are still a bit wary, or try her Bargain Area with $10 and $25 clothing. There are also some nice eyes here at the main store. I still haven't really bought any eyes. I made mine and they are unique to me. But if you are after some brightly colored yet natural eyes, they have them here
Radical Wook Designs
Ketzal Frankfurter - Owner in game since 7/19/06
Quite a few vendor spots but main store
Yes! Picks do take you right to the store.
Average price $10 - $200 most around the $150-$200 range

Monday, January 15, 2007

Designs by Cleo

I asked the girls from one of the Lucky Chair groups if they knew any new or little known designers. SAPPHIRE Mercy told me about her friend Cleopatra Sun. I searched for the name, since FINALLY search was working again. Why don't they just admit that SL can't handle more than 20K residents on at a time?
Anyways, I pop into the store.. Very nice and large, with an old world feel to it. Textures on the walls and floor, even a fountain and a mosaic! There is a staircase in the middle of the store, leading to an upstairs with celebrity shapes.
I don't blog about shapes, I'm here for the clothing. I call in my best two models, Bev and Mui.. and let's see what we have.
First Mui on the left is wearing Swift the Moods in Aqua. I noticed the pic and the great variety of colors. I was intrigued by the creative skirt. Very hanky hemline, chunky pieces, just more than the usual line of flexi prims around my hips. And a scarf! A fun, flexi ended scarf! And it came with the high heel boots, all for $275. I said I would review, and I am. It's a good price for outfit with shoes, but this designer needs more time to work with shading and textures. I love the creative prim elements, the skirt was fun and the scarf was lovely, shoe prims well made. BUT and here's the but.. The top lacked a number of details that make a difference for the customer. No underboob shading, no seam lines, no cuff or collar. She's got prims down, she just needs to work on her detail texture work. Oh and less full bright AND using light in the skirt. Mui gave off a wierd glow. I know adding light to your prims makes them look good when you're working on them.. but.. turn off the light before you put on the skirt. No one's ass should have it's own glow.
Bev is wearing the outfit in her Lucky Chair, right now, called Emancipation in Red. This doesn't come with shoes and is available for $400 OR sitting your butt in the chair. Once again, prim work is great! The skirt is made like a hula skirt, lots of skinny prims for a fun flare. The top showed a bit more in texture work, but.. what's holding those little strips of fabric together? And the seams line up a little oddly. But I love her prim work! Bev said the bangle bracelets that came with the outfit didn't fit, but that's easy to fix most of the time.
I'm wearing the best outfit of them all, The Golden Empress. This came with the whole package, even shoes for $400. I love the creative prim work on the scarf and the cape. Even the prim belt is fun. I love the color, Camel isn't a color alot of people use in SL.. it's all black and red and pink! There's even some good texture work on the buckles on the scarf and belt. But the basic top and skirt need some detail, a zipper, some shading, a button, creases.
All in all, I say if this designer gives a little time to her texture work, she'll blow us away with creative outfits. She's got her fun prim work DOWN, and I have to give it to her, she's only been in game since late June. If you are looking for something new and interesting, try Cleo. And I will be stopping back again to see how she's coming along.
Designs by Cleo
Cleopatra Sun owner - in game since 6/24/06
average price $200-500
Yes her picks do take you right to the store.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Yes, tonight it's 3 lovely ladies modeling for your enjoyment! I hopped around the search, and found Trinity. The search description said it was under construction, but to come in and look around anyways... so.. I DID!
I walked up the stairs into this lovely square building. Ever notice most stores are square? Why is that? The clothes *gasp* the clothes! Separates as far as the eye can see.. ok.. not that far. And what do my eyes see? Clothing racks! Round clothing racks, with outfits and separates on them! ooooohhh. but.. hard to shop from, I have to keep spinning my cam around to see all the items. But on the wall, lovely pics of clothing in all available colors with color swatches below!
Most items come in multi colors with fat packs at a SWEET deal!
Me on the left - Pink Patchwork sweater for $75. Lovely! The prim collar had to be pulled down a little, but that's a standard thing for me.. most necklaces and other prim neck attachments float over my collarbone. Seams are not even noticable! The patchwork pattern on the sweater is great and hides the sideseams soo well.. I can't even find them! There's even a HINT of shading at the bottom of the sweater, as if it has depth and is thick enough to give a shadow on your body. The texture looks soft enough to touch. Ok ok ok.. I'm in love with this sweater! If she had a fat pack of these, I'd buy it! One thing, looks more purple than pink to me.
I'm also wearing the Old Denim Skirt for $100. This has something new, the flexi prims are corners, making adorable PLEATS instead of having drawn pleats. I love the way it moves, just slightly, like it's made of denim, not chiffon! The drawn on belt with drawn shiny belt buckle, the fabric texture.. again, fine fine clothing for a GREAT price. I feel like I hit a End of Season Designer sale! But this wasn't a sale, these are her regular prices!
Last on me - Tintable Legwarmers @ $50. I admit it.. I was a child of the 80's. I worshipped Madonna, I watched Jem, I wanted to be Debbie Gibson. So when I see legwarmers, my heart skips a beat back about 22 years. If only we could get some big baggy sweatshirts and rip the collars our and let our bare shoulder show! These fit my legs and have a nice tintable texture. So 80's.. so me!
In the middle is Bev, again.. isn't she nice? She's sporting the Long Sequin top in Blueberry for $75. The sequins are shiny, as sequins should be and the edging is crisp. I like the length of this top. Not all tops need to show my delicious little belly button. It comes on the jacket layer because of the length. Side seams not noticable and I love the detail in the draping. There is a fat pack of this shirt for $200 for 4 colors.
Bev is also wearing Old Comfy Jeans for $75 which remind me of those jeans that you first stole from your dad, probably a pair of Levi's. We had the SL pegleg glitch and I didn't notice it til AFTER I took the pic and sent my models on their way. So squint your eyes and give those pants the SL basic leg flare. The fabric texture is nice, light, and well detailed. Bev has like NO hips, so the side seams looked a little cut off.
Our new model, Mui.. yes.. Mui Mukerji! Everyone say hi Mui! is wearing the Sparkling Fun in Watermelon for $75. I love the color, Torley would love the color, for it is PINK. Almost a glowing pink! You really can't see it in the pic, but the chest detail is little sequins and such, sort of a hot pink bohemian spaghetti tank. It has realistic under boob tucks, giving your breasts a little oomph! It's a great summery length and the seams are VERY nice and straight. This design can DO some seams. There is a fat pack of this shirt for $200 for 4 colors.
The skirt on Miss Mui is Black Plaid Skirt for $75, which comes with a flexi AND a non flexi option! There was a bunch of different plaids in the same style, in some new colors, not just tinted black plaid. Again, the prims are corners so it REALLY gives you a pleated plaid skirt look. Mui is a pretty tall girl, so we had to have her pull the skirt down a couple times, but the around fit her perfect as did mine.
All in all, this is a great store. There was lingerie, dresses, complete outfits and even shapes available here. The only thing about the store was the lack of light. I ended up putting a clear light prim over my head so I could see the details in the pics.
Willow Perkins - Owner, in game since 3/3/2004
My SLurlchatter didn't work there soo.. Hyeoja 39, 126, 38 (Mature)
Average price -$50-$200
Yes her store is in her picks and takes you right to the store!

Sweet Leaf Creations

First of all, yes.. I know it's winter at least in my hemisphere. But darn it, I was looking for a new place to blog and I found these delish swimsuits! Sweet Leaf Creations has a few locations, but I visited the FairChang Olas location.
The shop is sooo beachy cute, I love the flexi curtain in the doorway and the whole hut look. The ads for product were large and beautifully lit and designed. Made me wanna buy each one, if only they came with the backgrounds and the tickets to Tahiti!
On the left is our wonderful Beverly, who is always willing to go store hopping with me. She is wearing the adorable Wild Child Bikini in Blueberry for $150. This bikini comes in a various different patterns, each one with a good tropical feel. I'm a sucker for anything tropical, especially drinks!
In the middle of our resident male store hopper, Squee (Squish) in the men's Micro in Onyx. It's a thong back, as are all the suits we tried on. I didn't think Squish's woman would appreciate his buttchecks on the web, so sorry ladies, front view only! Priced at $100, we found most of the prices a little high for the amount of material.
I, your host Rowan, am in the Barely Innocent in Foxy Lady. Yes, it only covers ONE boob, so I censored out my nipple. If you wanna see my nipple, you're gonna have to pay me. This too is $150. I really like the inventiveness of this swimsuit. I'd like a pasty or something to come with it. Infact the ad has a cute little leafy thing covering the boob. Can we get something like that in the outfit too? For us more modest girls, who don't like flopping a nipple out?
Over all, the seams were nice and straight. The straps were very small and lined up well across the edges, which I know is a hard thing to do. The variety of prints was very nice, vendors ran smoothly. I'd like a fast pay option on vendors though, I hate having to remember what the price was for the particular item. What can I say, LAZY ME!
The only thing I'm not impressed with is the Minkini, an itsy bitsy teeny weeny barely there bikini. On the ad, it covered her naughty parts, on me... well.. let's just say I'd need more censor boxes. The lines were smeary, but probably due to us being polygons! I just wasn't really digging the Minkini. I don't even like the word.. Minkini. My fingers don't like to type it. Hmm..
Again.. prices.. a little on the high side... good variety of patterns and colors. Could probably use a bit more men's stuff, maybe make some men's/women's matching outfits, for THOSE kinda couples.
Details for this store
Aces Spades - Owner
In Game since 9/22/03
Her store in her picks takes you to the store I visited
Average price $100-$175

Thursday, January 11, 2007

SF Designs - Mens

OK.. I had a request to review a men's clothing store, and I found this! SF Designs - Men's. I grabbed two men, Nezsez and Squee (Aka SQUISH!) and took them with me. Aren't they hot?
Nez is in the Chrome Leather Pants @ a lovely $125 for TWO versions, one with ties up the sides and one without. Nice detailing and shading, though I think there might be a BIT too much. No seam issues and they are better than the normal jeans you find everywhere for men. He's also wearing the Purple Laced shirt for $75. I saw it in a couple other colors also, but I'm a sucker for purple. The collar is well detailed and looks like it's really there.. just not drawn on the shirt.
Squish is wearing the Suede Chaps and Vest for a nice $200. After MUCH deliberation, I got Mr Squish to go to an undisclosed location and confirm that you CAN wear the chaps with nothing on underneath. The chaps come on the pants layer and the jeans come on the underpants layer. So you risque men out there can let it all hang out... just not around me, please.. The detailing is nice, is a bit blurry, but it IS SL so polys are polys! Squish asked for more muscular detail, but that's hard to do. Plus I'm not sure how much muscle shows through suede vest.
The best part of SF Designs is their shoes. They have some of the best dress shoes for the best price! $100 gets you a nice pair of shiny dress shoes, perfect for suits and tuxes. On the boys in the pic, Nez is wearing Tuffs in black for $200. When they were placed apon his feet, there was a "Those are Phat!" comment made. I'm guessing that is man speak for "Nice Shoes!"
Squish is wearing the Bronze Snake Bikers, again for $200. I like these low boots. They are a great shape and the texture is lovely with shine. Shiny can be hard to texture, and SF designs pulls it off well.
I couldn't get any of the guys to model SF's wonderful selection of men's under clothing. Something about appearing in the blog in a pair of mesh boxer briefs really turned them off. But if you are the kinda guy who's looking for something more than just.. HEY! I got tighty whities! try SF Designs. They have a nice selection, not as many as the ladies get, but all of SL is this way.
Over all, the clothing here is good for the price. Texturing is well drawn, seams match up well. They have a nice selection of suits, even tintable flexi ties. You can really outfit your man at SF Designs, right down to the mesh boxer briefs. If you get your man to wear these.. can I get a snapshot? Please?
Details on this store
swaffette Firefly - Owner
Just to let you know there is some women's clothes there.. but I was reviewing men's clothes for this post

Black Widow

Another search of stores brought me to Black Widow. Now.. I'm not a Goth or a person who wears Goth clothes, but I do appreciate good, well made clothing. And that's what I found here. some awesomely done Goth wear, a bit on the expensive side, but I can live with that if it's well made.. and boy is this..
On the left is my Beverly, in the MaroonFlexCatsuit, which was $250. Very nice, I like the prim flares on the lower legs, nice texturing. We had some seam issues on the pants, just one side. could be fixed by making a pair of underpants in a dark red color to hide the seam. The prim parts are no mod, which can be a problem with prim clothing parts, as not all AVs are the same size. These looked OK on Bev, she has some skinny little legs, but they could have used a little modding.
I'm wearing the BlackWidowDoll for another $250. Prim shoulder fluffs, prim under boob ruffles, flexi prim skirt! The skirt is slightly flexi, it didn't fly up over my head when I jumped, how great is that. The bodice is shear with some designs. The flame detail on the chest is crisp and clear, even with my overly large breasts. Please EndlessDreams, send me your secret! There WAS a tiny tiny only noticable when I was zoomed in, difference in color between the top and the bottom of the bodice. And I wore the underpants with the prim skirt pants, so I have extra designs in my bodice. Silly Rowan! Even after taking off the underpants, I still notice a slight difference in color but like I said.. only REALLY noticable when zoomed WAY in.
The prim skirt fits my hips well, no modding needed. I HATE modding prim skirts. HATE IT! If you have a huge butt and hips, please don't make prim skirts that fit you. The rest of us don't and modding all 50 prims in a skirt is a total bitch.
Ok.. details for this store. They DO have like.. one male swimtrunks... soo. bring a guy friend along. Most outfits were around $250, so save up, cause they are worth it!
Owner is EndlessDreams Wilberg and has been in game for JUST over a year, happy Rez Day Endless! Once again, please update your picks. I tried to TP to your other location and ended up floating over someone else's store.

Spice Designs

Ok.. since none of you have sent me any LMs of stores.. I went on a search on my own. Going to the bottom of the search, I found Spice Designs. I tped in, against various warnings that TPs made you crash. Lord knows I wasn't gonna stick around at NCI all night, TP crashing BEDAMNED!
So I cross my fingers and TP into Spice Designs on Tortuga. As it rezzes, I notice a clean, well lit, nicely designed store. Reminds me of those little stores you see in RL, with the slightly stuck up ladies in pencil skirts and blazers. Where am I going... oh.. nevermind..
Straight in front of my eyes is this lovely white outfit with embroidered roses. The one on the right in the pic above, called Red Vines. It comes in two layers, the undershirt, a basic white tube with a little lacing design on the back, and the sheer, embroidered jacket layer. Did you notice how the sheer top comes OVER the top of the pants? NICE detail.
The PANTS! White Pants with details. They are called dress pants and they are detailed just like RL knit dress pants, with a covered fly and set in back pockets. I'm just happy to find a nice pair of pants in SL that doesn't hover somewhere around my asscrack! There are some pants in SL that defy the laws of gravity and good taste, but not these.
This is over all a great outfit for a nice date, or whatever they call it in SL. Best part? It was only $150! Details and quaility like this for $150 is rare.
Ok ok ok.. so I ramble on about this outfit.. I like it.. SUE me.. but the dress on the left is just as good. Called Black Flex Lace and a lovely $150, it's skirt is a good amount of flex, not tooooo fly away, not tooo stiff. Best detail, is a lace prim on the neckline. Just one of those make an outfit details that I love. I love them even more when they are $150!
Not alot in this little store, but what I see is well priced, well pic'ed, and well done. Lots of jeans and tops, not exactly T-shirts, but.. more like.. shirts. The jeans are lovely, but I'd like to see more variety in the jeans, maybe some belts. There's also a few tattoos that look out of place with the more refined clothing offerings, but who am I to complain when they TOO are well done and well priced.
Kat Spice, owner of Spice Designs needs to update her picks though, for I tried to find her "home store" from her picks and ended up somewhere else. I stuck with the location I got from the serach menu. She's also been in game for over a year, so I'm hoping she's got more stuff, cause I like what I see.
takes you right to the store. Enjoy ladies.. oh.. and gents.. there are TWO men's outfits on the right side wall.. so.. if your lady drags you there, look um over!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nuclear Boutique

Ok.. So.. after seeing Sarabi's hair, Bev tped me to Nuclear Boutique, who also does hair. What we loved.. her color range and the fact that you can DEMO each color before you buy! OH MY GOD. How great is that? Just because it looks good on the box, doesn't mean it looks good on you and before you go plunking down your hard earned lindens ($95 a hair), you wanna make sure you get the goods.
Her style is a little anime, a little real life. I'm trying on the Ambush bob in Radiation Red. Who knew I liked red? The fit was good, I tend to have a large head (no jokes people!) and didn't have to mod this hair to have it look this good. It's not flexi and I can live with that, I like the occassional static hair, it's great for laggy places like NCI.
Also here at Nuclear Boutique were some fabulous shoes, which I'm trying to cut down on buying, I mean, come on.... I MAKE shoes, I don't need to buy everyone else's too! But her shoes match these adorable hot colored sweaters with prim fur cuffs. The shoes are a bargain at $40, and matching sweater is only another $40!
But for us bargain shoppers.. the best is.. the freebies.. right? We're all about the freebies. And does she deliver on the freebies.. If you join her update group you get free hair and outfit.
But even if you don't. there are THREE Gift bags full of fun freebies, I see some shoes, some undies.. I can't wait to get back home and look at all the free stuff I got..
AND ladies, she's having a 20% off sale.. so hit it now!
Nuclear Boutique Archipelago Wild (32, 247, 27)

Sarabi Designs

First off.. I remember when she was the "Dot Twenty-five" store and had some fun cute hair.. she's grown out now.. and got rid of my FAV hair style the Isis. But she's grown into some more great hairs, 4 colors for only $75 lindens. And, for newbies or the non campers, who exist on stipends, that is a great price.
Each pack contains red, brown, black and blonde and a bald. I love when hair designers remember to add a bald to their hair packs. I hate having to track a bald down in my inventory!
Her textures are a nice shiny texture, without looking too greasy like some. I took a couple good friends down to her store with me, comments were good. We would like a white texture too, and Darlene says maybe some cyberpunk for those who like that sorta thing. Bev, who is a stickler for blonde textures, loves Sarabi's blonde. The red is a rich, darker red, that I love.
Now on to Fit, as I said, I like the fact that there is a bald in the pack, saves me time and trouble. I just plopped the Pearl on my head and it fit like a charm, usually I have to move some prim outta my eyes or fill in the back of my head! My friend Bev, just plopped her Gardenia (with cuuute flowers that are detachable!) on and it fit too!
Oh and the hairs are no transfer, but she does have gift certificates and a freebie voucher for under 1 month! And they are copy and mod so you can fit them to a few different AV shapes!
But.. Sarabi just doesn't do HAIR, she has some adorable kitchy earrings upstairs. I love the Kiwi dangles for just $25! And they ARE transferable, so get some now.
Also in the store is a lucky chair, for us Lucky Chair Hoppers and do you know what the prize is? Lucky Chair earrings!! I almost had to camp it to get them.. soooo cute and so creative! Sarabi, what's next?
Let me know in the comments what YOU think about this Designer

And then there was Rowan

Ok.. so half the people on SL have blogs, right? And 90% of them are about fashion.. have you ever noticed that most of them all BLOG about the same places over and over? Oh and yeah.. . Mega lindens for one skin with one make up.. that is a DEAL!.. NOT!
This blog isn't about that.. I want the places you take a newbie to get the deals. I want the little known out of the way stores that are on the bottom of the list when you search for "Shoes" or "Skins"
Are you that designer? Did you just open your store and can't get reviewed by the big "dolls" to save your life? Send me a LM to your store. You don't have to send a review copy, cause let me tell you.. sending a review copy and waiting to see if it was reviewed and never being reviewed.. hurts.. sooo.. I'll buy it if I like it.. then I'll review it.. Don't be afraid.. I don't bite... unless you want me to..
So designers or just people who know of those little stores, send me those LMS! I'm ready... well.. as long as the grid is up and I can TP
BTW.. having a sale? Link me, honey.. I can have 20-30 people to your store in a matter of minutes, trust me...
Rowan Carroll, She's So Unusual Shoes
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