Thursday, December 31, 2009

Prize Chair Roulette

Sooo.. A friend and I have been working on a new Lucky Chair type device. It's called.. Prize Chair Roulette! 6 people sit on the stools and the game starts. one by one they are randomly ejected from the chair. The last person sitting wins the prize!

Of course for this special occasion I made some new shoes to put in it! Adorably cute flats with a snail on one toe and a ladybug on the other. So come to the store, bring 5 of your friends and play the Prize Chair Roulette.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Limited Editions

Every year I do some special shoes for the upcoming New Year's. This year, I have some really cute pumps with 2010 in charms. They are $95L a pair, transfer only and will be available, along with the rest of my Holiday Limited Editions, until Jan 3rd. Better get them now! The group gift Reindeer Slippers are still available. Just join the subscriber thingie inside the store, then touch the white box on the side!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Stuff!

Caution! Pic Heavy POST!

Happy Holidays Shoe Lovers! Here comes the Limited Editions from She's So Unusual Shoes. First up Xmas versions of my Belted Ruffle boots. $195L each, transfer only

Then, I love a good snowglobe and I love shoes. Mash together and you get THESE! $195L Transfer only

What's Christmas without an elf and what's an elf without... boots! Optional jingle walk! yay! $195L a pair, transfer only

And sometimes the only thing you need on a special holiday night is a candle, burning bright. These are guaranteed to keep your toes warm. $95L a pair, transfer only

And if you've joined my mailing list subscribo thingie, you're received an early Xmas present! Cutesy Reindeer slippers. Touch for a bit of music, optional jingle walk. If you want these, touch the subscribo thingie in the front of the store, then touch the white box on the side of it.

If you're at the store and you check the lucky chairs, you just might get these! Festive version of my famous lace trim pumps.

And while you're checking the chairs, whack the MM board to get these cool platforms.

Merry Christmas to all and to all.. a good shopping experience!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

2009 Footwear Expo New Releases

Now that the Shoe Expo is open and running, lemme share with you MY new Releases available ONLY at the Expo.

First up, some more BOOTS! My Belted Ruffle Boots. $195L a pair, transfer only

Then I worked on these hot little d'orsays heels. Rose D'orsay Heels, $95L a pair and transfer only.

And then I thought about needing some more FUN. Novelty slippers with sound on touch! $95L a pair, transfer only

Finally, I've been working on these for a while now... STRIPPABLE pumps! $195L and transfer only.

These fun shoes are available ONLY at the Shoe Expo until it ends, then they will move to the main store. Don't forget to purchase the selected shoes that give 100% to Toys for Tots!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My favorite Groups

Today, on Lessons with Rowan.. I wanna talk about SL groups. Yes.. I know.. we can only have 25.. and it sucks.. but I've been around log enough to remember when we could only have 10. THAT sucked, k?

I have about 23 groups that I'm a part of. Some are groups for everyone, some are groups just for rentals and such. Some are for fun, and some are for profit. Lemme tell you about some of the BEST groups in SL at least in my opinion.

#1. Fabulously Free in SL The group was started from the FabFree blog and now has over 7000 members. We share freebie spots, dollerbies, good sales. There are quite a few designer (ahem) in this group and they send out special freebies when we hit the next level of members. I know there are some GREAT ones coming for reaching 7000 members.

#2. Fashion Emergency Started by the Great Six Kennedy of Gurl 6, this group has 3000+ members. Can't find something to wear? Ask the girls and guys of FE. Not alot of notice spam, and sometimes we're a little.. risque in our chatter. But these people know their stuff!

#3. Fashion Consolidated One of the MUST have groups for designers and people who like fashion. TONS of notices, occasional free stuff and no chat. They have strict rules on the designers who get to send notices, so you won't get 4 notices a week from the same person.

#4. New Citizens Inc 11000 people. Ask any darn question in here, and you'll prolly get an answer. NO Spam! No advertising. Tons of free classes on how to make a prim shoe, to how to buy land, to event promotion. There are a bunch of NCI areas in world, each one trying to help newbies and oldbies alike make their way. I'm a proud supporter of NCI!

#5. She's So Unusual Shoes Update Group The inworld version of my mailing list thingie. Nothing special about it, but sometimes I make up funny titles for you to wear. What? It's my blog and I can list any group I want!

That's all for now. What are some of YOUR favorite groups?

Monday, November 9, 2009


I love making boots when it starts getting cooler. Check these out
The Sweater Cuff Boots. What do you think of the sweater texture? I think it looks good.. but heck.. I made it. Sweater Cuff Boots are $195L and transfer only.

Look! New Lucky Chair goodness. Yummy.. Breakfast.

All in the store, boots are in the front, Breakfast pumps in the Lucky Chairs upstairs.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two New Styles

Two new styles coming atcha!

First up, some more cute flats! Not enough flats in SL, ya know. Plaid ruffle flats! $95L transfer only

Then we have some more gothy like platforms. Stars Mary Jane Platforms. $195L Transfer only.

All in the front of the store, waiting for you!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Chance for Halloween!

Yep. I'll be pulling the limited edition shoes and the halloween lucky chair styles Saturday night at Midnight. Get them now!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hey Boys and Ghouls! New shoes are coming and you don't even have trick or treat me!

Two new Limited Editions! Will only be available until Nov 1st! Each pair is transfer only and $195L

I'm putting my Lucky Chairs back out with some spoooky and not so spooky new shoes.

My Midnight Mania board is BACK

And Come update your picks at the new store and gets these in return.

Monday is the last day of my Yay We Moved Hunt!

Come on down to the store.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yay We Moved Hunt!

So.. if you aren't in my mailing list thingie, you probably didn't know this.. but.. I moved! I left Thistledown, my old spot, to a great new spot on Agard near a bunch of other stores. Lovely little streets.

Took awhile to get all my shoes, minus the retired ones, into the new store... whew! Last count.. over 400 pairs. Imelda eat your heart out. I think everything is easy to see, and see to walk around. I love the stairs.. they are interesting.

So to get you all out to see the new store, and to update your LMs.. I'm having a little old hunt. 4 unique pairs of shoes will be put in tiny boxes and hidden in the store. You find, you purchase for $0L and they're yours. I WILL be moving them randomly throughout the week. I'm mean like that. I know. Hunt starts Monday Oct 12th at 12:01am and lasts to Monday Oct 19th at 11:59pm SLT. Make sure you subscribe to my mailing list thingie, cause I've got some at my usual crazy halloween shoes in process. WOOT!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Light and You!

You might wanna make yourself comfy. This is a long and informative post.

Let's talk about light. The SL Knowledge Base says light

"Only six lights are supported for hardware lighting. The shaders support eight lights, but one is reserved for the sun or moon, and another for a 'backlight' which approximates reflected light from the sun or moon. The list of lights used is determined as follows:

  1. A list of nearby lights is generated.
  2. This list is calculated once per frame.
  3. Six lights are chosen from the list. Priority is based on the effective intensity of each light at the viewer's Avatar. Dynamic lights are given slightly higher priority.
  4. For each object:
    • With the 'Nearby Lights' setting, all lights are always used."
This means that only 6 sources of light will be rendered and they are usually the ones closest to you. So if you have 8 balls o light hovering around your head, you are pointless. Yay You!

Lighting Tips

There's a lot of versatility in the lighting system, so be creative, experiment extensively, and keep inventing new uses for lights!

  • If you set Intensity or Radius to 0.000, or set the light's color to black, you might as well uncheck Light because it's visually the same as turning the light off.
  • Remember, ANY prim you've made can be turned into a light. No matter what shape or size, its light properties can be set independently.
  • If you want your object to be visible in the dark, but not give off light (like a computer monitor or a soda machine) you can check the Full Bright checkbox on the object's Texture tab.
  • Lights in motion are dynamic and follow their source prim. For example, carry a lantern in your hand and find your way in the darkness. Or use light prims in a vehicle, perfect for adding that film noir touch to a skittering airplane. Physical objects can also be lit: roll a big glowing red ball down a hill and giggle with glee!
  • Common sense: the darker it is around you, the more lights will stand out. If it's high noon, you won't see many lighting effects, but as dusk approaches, the local lights will increase.
  • Like other special effects in Second Life, use lights wisely. Please don't light everything; it not only diminishes the highlights and contrast that a few finely-placed lights can add, but it also slows down performance for yourself and fellow Residents too.
  • Why six realtime lights, as mentioned above? Because the OpenGL specification which SL uses allows for eight lights in a scene. Specifically in this case: six lights, one for the sun/moon, and one for the backlight representing reflected light. Static (non-moving) lights will be "baked" so you can still see the effect they have on the area. For this and more behind-the-curtain details, please see the related OpenGL technical document.
I think I might even tattoo that on certain people's foreheads. Oh BTW. I'm really good at knowing you're wearing stolen hair, shoes, or other items.. you know how?
This is my friend. Advanced - Rendering - Info Displays - Light. It will show you every prim in the area that is giving off light. It will also show you a yellow cube of how FAR the light is radiating.

This is me.. this is me showing you stolen hair! Yay! Wow.. you learned something NEW today.. enjoy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Retirement Sale

There comes a time in every good designer's life.. that they need to move on. I think I finally HIT that point! I'm clearing out the old and it's your lucky DAY! I've cleared over 100 pairs of shoes out of my stock and I marked them all down to $25L a pair. Sale Starts.... NOW! and goes til Oct 2nd. So.. get there SOON!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Almost TIME!

For me Pirate Party! Ooooo I bought a cool cannon that shoots coins and rubies. I filled my dance ball with Sinewave dances. Capt Jack Sparrow is handing out the grog. It starts at 6pm SLT

Here's me in my favorite Pirate outfit from Bare Rose posing on my Capt Morgan barrel.. I'm also wearing this year's SSUS pirate freebie.. the peg leg! WOO!

Yell at me for a TP or just click THIS for a slurl. I hear even some Lindens might show up..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

YAY! It's my 4th Annual Talk Like A Pirate Day Party! WOOO!

Sept 19th from 6pm to 12 SLT k?

It's HERE, and I've got a special freebie just for the party. Theme is Davey Jones' Locker.. so it's all UNDERWATER!
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