Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Fling!

So yeah.. I've been MAJOR Busy! I've released a tooon of new shoes and I've been planning two parties for the month of April.

I was talking with BooBooKittie of Catwalk City. I have a store front there. We put our heads together, giggled alot and came up with the idea to have themed fashion shows and parties! I throw a meeaann party if you hit my Mardi Gras Bash. So I'm working with Kittie to throw some hella parties at Catwalk City

The first party is April 6th, in the main hall.

So there's all the details. Would you like a SLurl.. I know you woooulld

If you would like more info, just drop me a line in game!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sarabi Designs

With a sad heart I write this post. One of my fav designs of hair, from way back, Sarabi Designs, is closing. RL sometimes takes of SL and we all understand that. I, for one, will miss Sarabi's fun designs. Also, I'll miss Sarabi. She's is one of those great people you are lucky to meet in SL. She's having a $10L sale until the store totally closes, so come down, and give her the biggest send off EVER!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Wow.. 3000 views.. I'm pretty darn impressed. People took the time to read my blog 3000 times. Does this make Rowan internet famous now?

Friday, March 2, 2007

Accessories by Eolande

So I love Lucky Chairs. I'll tell ya why.. it's not the free stuff, though that is a nice benefit. They lead me to designers I never would have known about. Like Eolande Elvejham, the owner of Accessories by Eolande. This designer makes these adorable accessories for your hair. NOT hair, just cute things that really set off other designers' hair. So I see an R come across the Lucky Chair channel and I hit the SLurl. After a sec of loading I get a Rainbow Brite T. Nice. THEN the rest of the store loads and my JAW drops! Such prim torture! Such a neglected area that I haven't stuck things to my AV with yet!
For note. I'm wearing the Amorosa hair I found in my inventory from Simply Britnee. Haven't been there in awhile. Hmm..
Top Left corner is the Filigree Heart Stick in Silver. Would you look at those tiny little prims! This is so cute for only $100L. I had to have it! In RL, my late grandmother loved hearts, she would have loved this soo much. It's such fine prim work. You don't see alot of filigree work like this. Also comes in Gold and Red.
Top Right Corner is the Celtic Valentine Stick in Silver. I love Silver.. so much more than gold. Though to see my shop, you wouldn't think it. Again, the fine tiny prim work here. I wanna ask Eolande how she got such nice hearts with the loop in the dip. I really like that little detail. And BTW.. it's KELtic.. not SELtic people.. no matter what those Bostonians say. Again, $50L! I like the Rainbow version to. Very pretty. There is also Pink, Red and Gold.
Bottom Left Corner is Punky Star Barrettes in Pink. Comes in a pack of two, one for each side of your head, but wearable seperately. She has these in a bunch of colors. So Retro 80's! Of course, I had to have the pink, but they are only one color out of 8, each for $50L I'd like to see a fat pack of these, so I can have EVERY COLOR!
Middle and bottom Left. This is so pretty. The White Daisy Circlet. For us Pretty pretty Princesses! The ribbons are seperate and flexi, so you don't have to wear them. I included a little close up detail, because the prim work is so well done. There are all these little stems and curly vines. The kind of stuff you see on real flower circlets. You can buy a single daisy for your hair, but I went all out and bought the circlet. This is soo fab for only $150L. This would make a great wedding piece.. or even a flower girl or bridesmaid accessory.
Bottom Middle is the Hibiscus Island Sunrise Stick. I love this texture. I might buy it off her and redo my entire store in it. I love RL roses in this color. I wish I could keep them alive. The soft yellow to a vibrant coral color. It's sooo island beautiful. You should see the rest of the Hibiscus set. Really sends you to the islands just to look at them. Again, Fab prim work. I don't think I could figure out what prims those are! These beauties are only $75L. Eolande? Can we get fat packs?.. How about just one big box full of all your items? Please?
You all should really come down and see the stuff I couldn't fit in my pic. Eolande REALLY knows how to torture those prims. Her flower petal textures are vibrant and realistic. She even has some fun retro tees, like Rainbow Brite and the Smurfs. AND a Lucky Chair AND a new BidBox AND a Mob Vendor. She's trying to GIVE the stuff away.
Eolande Elvejham in game since 6/7/2006
Yes her picks take you right to the store
Average price $50 to $150L
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