Friday, January 12, 2007


Yes, tonight it's 3 lovely ladies modeling for your enjoyment! I hopped around the search, and found Trinity. The search description said it was under construction, but to come in and look around anyways... so.. I DID!
I walked up the stairs into this lovely square building. Ever notice most stores are square? Why is that? The clothes *gasp* the clothes! Separates as far as the eye can see.. ok.. not that far. And what do my eyes see? Clothing racks! Round clothing racks, with outfits and separates on them! ooooohhh. but.. hard to shop from, I have to keep spinning my cam around to see all the items. But on the wall, lovely pics of clothing in all available colors with color swatches below!
Most items come in multi colors with fat packs at a SWEET deal!
Me on the left - Pink Patchwork sweater for $75. Lovely! The prim collar had to be pulled down a little, but that's a standard thing for me.. most necklaces and other prim neck attachments float over my collarbone. Seams are not even noticable! The patchwork pattern on the sweater is great and hides the sideseams soo well.. I can't even find them! There's even a HINT of shading at the bottom of the sweater, as if it has depth and is thick enough to give a shadow on your body. The texture looks soft enough to touch. Ok ok ok.. I'm in love with this sweater! If she had a fat pack of these, I'd buy it! One thing, looks more purple than pink to me.
I'm also wearing the Old Denim Skirt for $100. This has something new, the flexi prims are corners, making adorable PLEATS instead of having drawn pleats. I love the way it moves, just slightly, like it's made of denim, not chiffon! The drawn on belt with drawn shiny belt buckle, the fabric texture.. again, fine fine clothing for a GREAT price. I feel like I hit a End of Season Designer sale! But this wasn't a sale, these are her regular prices!
Last on me - Tintable Legwarmers @ $50. I admit it.. I was a child of the 80's. I worshipped Madonna, I watched Jem, I wanted to be Debbie Gibson. So when I see legwarmers, my heart skips a beat back about 22 years. If only we could get some big baggy sweatshirts and rip the collars our and let our bare shoulder show! These fit my legs and have a nice tintable texture. So 80's.. so me!
In the middle is Bev, again.. isn't she nice? She's sporting the Long Sequin top in Blueberry for $75. The sequins are shiny, as sequins should be and the edging is crisp. I like the length of this top. Not all tops need to show my delicious little belly button. It comes on the jacket layer because of the length. Side seams not noticable and I love the detail in the draping. There is a fat pack of this shirt for $200 for 4 colors.
Bev is also wearing Old Comfy Jeans for $75 which remind me of those jeans that you first stole from your dad, probably a pair of Levi's. We had the SL pegleg glitch and I didn't notice it til AFTER I took the pic and sent my models on their way. So squint your eyes and give those pants the SL basic leg flare. The fabric texture is nice, light, and well detailed. Bev has like NO hips, so the side seams looked a little cut off.
Our new model, Mui.. yes.. Mui Mukerji! Everyone say hi Mui! is wearing the Sparkling Fun in Watermelon for $75. I love the color, Torley would love the color, for it is PINK. Almost a glowing pink! You really can't see it in the pic, but the chest detail is little sequins and such, sort of a hot pink bohemian spaghetti tank. It has realistic under boob tucks, giving your breasts a little oomph! It's a great summery length and the seams are VERY nice and straight. This design can DO some seams. There is a fat pack of this shirt for $200 for 4 colors.
The skirt on Miss Mui is Black Plaid Skirt for $75, which comes with a flexi AND a non flexi option! There was a bunch of different plaids in the same style, in some new colors, not just tinted black plaid. Again, the prims are corners so it REALLY gives you a pleated plaid skirt look. Mui is a pretty tall girl, so we had to have her pull the skirt down a couple times, but the around fit her perfect as did mine.
All in all, this is a great store. There was lingerie, dresses, complete outfits and even shapes available here. The only thing about the store was the lack of light. I ended up putting a clear light prim over my head so I could see the details in the pics.
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My SLurlchatter didn't work there soo.. Hyeoja 39, 126, 38 (Mature)
Average price -$50-$200
Yes her store is in her picks and takes you right to the store!


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