Friday, January 19, 2007


At least.. I think it's called Dawnshop. That's what her blog was called. I'll just call it.. GREAT! So I browse the new products forum on, and I see a shop I've never heard of. Why are there so many shop I've never heard of? Why am I missing so many oppurtunities to spend my Lindens?

So I pop in to see just what I was missing. I was missing ALOT. How many designers do you know that include HAIR in their reasonably priced outfits? Not alot, I'll tell ya. And cute hair at that! So let's review, shall we?

First on the left, we have Darling Mui. She is wearing Purple Lace Dress for $50! wait.. yes. $50!! And for your $50 big ones you get 4, count um 4 different flexi skirts AND a feather shoulder boa AND a belt! This comes in a bunch of different colors, each for $50. Gotta buy um all! The lace texture has a delicate, slightly floral pattern to it, very feminine and nice. Not alot of detail, but for $50 I can forgo some details. Mui mentions that the boa isn't mod, and comes on the same attachment point as alot of necklaces. The boa and the skirt both needed to be pulled down and all prim attachments should be mod. Just because, all our hips and shoulders aren't the same size.
Me in the middle! I'm wearing the new product I saw on the forums, Kiss Me in Pink for $150. This outfit is soo cute and Valentiney! Underneath the cropped top is a pink bikini top with pink lips on each breast. Woo! If I remove the skirt, I have some pink garter belt and under that is some tong panties! You can wear the panties without the garter and still have the stockings on. Let's hear it for choices! The seams line up well and the details are perfect. There, but not TOO much there. This also comes in blue, but Pink is SOO V-day!
Bev on the right is wearing the ultra sexy Dusk for $250. Like I said, some of her outfits come with hair.. and what hair this is! It's flexi strands with alpha and some chunky ribbons. Adorable little buns and those retro straight bangs. CUTE hair! Buut.. it's an outfit too! With great chunky cuffs with flexi feathers. I love the flexi feathers. I want flexi feathers! They have a great texture with alpha, really feathery. I love how they compliment the outfit so well. The top is so mod sexy. Bev said it showed a tiny bit of nipple, but not all skins have nipples inthe same place. The detailing on the top is just almost over the edge, but it really works. The highlighting shine on the breasts make this top really look vinyl or patent leather. It also comes with two pairs of pants, one long and flared and one short and tight for your favorite tall boots. I like the strapping detail, though we had some discussion on whether the pants were sheer or not. They aren't. Feel free to wear these without panties, ladies!
The inset is Mr Squish, modeling the freebie men's hair available at Dawnshop. OK.. not free, $1 measely dollar. I think it's one of the better free men's hairs. Most free men's hairs are WAY emo for your suit wearing guys, this is just casual enough without being too mopey and I-can't-deal-with-the-world-unless-I-have-bangs-covering-my-eyes. The bangs on this hair aarrree a bit on the girlie side, but guys.. you can pull it off
Over all thoughts. Why haven't we heard of Dawn sooner? Her stuff is well made and nicely detailed and GREAT prices. She's been in game for over a year, let's get her some reason to make more clothing for us! Dawn, maybe a nice lucky chair in your store, to get us girls coming by? I'm definitely gonna tell people about Dawn, hey.. that's why I blog isn't it?
Dawn Memorial owner in game since 11/29/05
average price $1-250
yes her picks takes you to the road in front of the store.


Caterin said...

Hi Rowan, you mention Dawn's blog, do you have a URL? BTW, I love yr blog, very useful, C.

Neural said...

Caterin, the URL for Dawnshop is:


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