Wednesday, January 10, 2007

And then there was Rowan

Ok.. so half the people on SL have blogs, right? And 90% of them are about fashion.. have you ever noticed that most of them all BLOG about the same places over and over? Oh and yeah.. . Mega lindens for one skin with one make up.. that is a DEAL!.. NOT!
This blog isn't about that.. I want the places you take a newbie to get the deals. I want the little known out of the way stores that are on the bottom of the list when you search for "Shoes" or "Skins"
Are you that designer? Did you just open your store and can't get reviewed by the big "dolls" to save your life? Send me a LM to your store. You don't have to send a review copy, cause let me tell you.. sending a review copy and waiting to see if it was reviewed and never being reviewed.. hurts.. sooo.. I'll buy it if I like it.. then I'll review it.. Don't be afraid.. I don't bite... unless you want me to..
So designers or just people who know of those little stores, send me those LMS! I'm ready... well.. as long as the grid is up and I can TP
BTW.. having a sale? Link me, honey.. I can have 20-30 people to your store in a matter of minutes, trust me...
Rowan Carroll, She's So Unusual Shoes


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