Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lingerie By Hollee

Well, the Self Promotion post told you that I share my store with Neural Blankes, who makes lingerie. So you'd think I wouldn't blog about other lingerie places. I'm not like that. I know Neural makes great stuff *blatant plug*but just like in the RL, there are a few other places that make good bras and panties.

So in our travels, we happened apon Lingerie By Hollee. #1. I don't make clothes. I make shoes. I can't draw a stick person to save my life. So anyone who can, I'm in awe over. But Hollee makes me almost drool. Check this stuff out.

Me in all three picks today. I just had to have them all for myself!

First outfit on the left, Satin Demi bra and panties in Hot Pink. Only $90L. There is a lovely amount of RL detail in this set. There are even little black strap sliders like real bras have. And you can see the shading where the underwire would be. The lace on the cups is a velvety looking black rose pattern that is repeated across the back strap. The little scrap of a pair of panties is tiny, yes, but still manages to cover my naughty bits! It shows the same detailing as the bra, with the velvety black pattern. The seams are a tiny bit off, but not enough to REALLY worry about. I'm sure if you wear this stuff you won't but looking at the seams! This comes in 9 hot colors, all nice vibrant, pop colors each for $90L or a fat pack of all 9 colors for a discounted $360L!

Me in the middle! WOO! These are two items really. Wrap around Silks in Pink and Black. Here's the deal. I had to buy these to make sure. The sign SAYS they are mix and match, so I bought two different colors to find out. You get four pieces of the outfit. Pants, shirt, underpants and undershirt layers. The Pants and Shirt layer of any color are sheer with a little tonal floral pattern. The under layers are sheer plain. I am wearing the pants and shirt from Black and the under layers from Pink. So you can see, you can have alot of fun with these. The seams need a little help. There were some mismatches across the inner thigh seams, mainly just near the knee area which I hear is quite a bitch to do anyways! The little marks you see in the pic along the edges of the ribbon make it look like real ribbon, a little edge texture if you will. You really can't wear any panties with this, since it takes both layers. But for you silk wearers who don't mind showing it off, this is great. It comes in 8 colors each for $60L or a fat pack of all 8 colors for $300L. Quite a discount!
Aaaaanndd Me on the right! I'm wearing my FAV item so far. I looove bodices and stockings and lacey under things. OOohh.. just hits my girlie girl side. This is the Black and Red Bodice and Stocking set for $120L. First off, this designer loves sheer with a lace texture because she does it well. All over the front of the bodice and a big panel in the back. Tiny bows tie the bodice down the front, with matching tiny bows *SQUEAL* on the back of the stockings AND the front of the panties. Truly makes this a matching set. The stockings have the classic seam up the back, and the side seams are well done. There is a little peaking on the outside edges, but everyone does that. I like the tiny looping lace detail at the top of the stockings, top of the panties and the neckline of the bodice. Seams all over all this set are well done and the detailing is almost perfect. This comes in 4 different color combos for $120L each or a fat pack for $300L.
Overall Hollee has GREAT sexy style, and an eye for detail. She's not afraid to show a little skin, either. Her stuff is very pretty and sensual without being too obvious. I'd like to see what she can come up with next.
Hollee Dion owner in game since 7/10/2005
Average price $30-$350 for fat packs
Yes her picks take you right to the store.


Neural said...

I was with Rowan when she was shopping (yes, contrary to popular belief, I do get out occasionally) and her points in the review are dead on. Hollee makes some great stuff, and her lacework is really nice.

dantel said...

i'm interested this pics and aricle

Anonymous said...
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