Thursday, January 11, 2007

Black Widow

Another search of stores brought me to Black Widow. Now.. I'm not a Goth or a person who wears Goth clothes, but I do appreciate good, well made clothing. And that's what I found here. some awesomely done Goth wear, a bit on the expensive side, but I can live with that if it's well made.. and boy is this..
On the left is my Beverly, in the MaroonFlexCatsuit, which was $250. Very nice, I like the prim flares on the lower legs, nice texturing. We had some seam issues on the pants, just one side. could be fixed by making a pair of underpants in a dark red color to hide the seam. The prim parts are no mod, which can be a problem with prim clothing parts, as not all AVs are the same size. These looked OK on Bev, she has some skinny little legs, but they could have used a little modding.
I'm wearing the BlackWidowDoll for another $250. Prim shoulder fluffs, prim under boob ruffles, flexi prim skirt! The skirt is slightly flexi, it didn't fly up over my head when I jumped, how great is that. The bodice is shear with some designs. The flame detail on the chest is crisp and clear, even with my overly large breasts. Please EndlessDreams, send me your secret! There WAS a tiny tiny only noticable when I was zoomed in, difference in color between the top and the bottom of the bodice. And I wore the underpants with the prim skirt pants, so I have extra designs in my bodice. Silly Rowan! Even after taking off the underpants, I still notice a slight difference in color but like I said.. only REALLY noticable when zoomed WAY in.
The prim skirt fits my hips well, no modding needed. I HATE modding prim skirts. HATE IT! If you have a huge butt and hips, please don't make prim skirts that fit you. The rest of us don't and modding all 50 prims in a skirt is a total bitch.
Ok.. details for this store. They DO have like.. one male swimtrunks... soo. bring a guy friend along. Most outfits were around $250, so save up, cause they are worth it!
Owner is EndlessDreams Wilberg and has been in game for JUST over a year, happy Rez Day Endless! Once again, please update your picks. I tried to TP to your other location and ended up floating over someone else's store.


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