Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Self Promotion!

Yeah yeah yeah.. so what? I'm a small time designer with low price items. So, I'm gonna do a little self promotion. AKA I've been playing Smokin Aces and don't have time to blog a new place. So Shoot me.. but be warned.. I might shoot back!

OK.. so this is my store. I make shoes. Unusual shoes. Shoes with fun heels. All sorts of shoes. I sell my shoes for $10 and up. Good deal? yeah.. I know.

I have a deal right now that if you come up with an idea for a pair of shoes, I will make these shoes. Or at least try. YOU get the first pair I make and you get to model the shoes on the box for me. Pretty darn cool huh? Yeah.. that's what I thought. I've made a couple pairs for people already. Did I tell you they get named after you? Yeah.. that too..

These are my Brown Stacked Heels. I'm really proud of these. I'm selling them for $100. They fit size 0 feet like most prim shoes. I think these are pretty darn cool, almost look real! I also made these in a couple different colors and I made a fun wedge version too.

This is my buddy Neural's Store. Looks alot like mine. Probably because we share a store. Neural makes some of the best stockings in all of SL. Trust me. I know.. I have to look at them all the time. :}

She's really working hard on some fun lingerie for V-day, I love those cami's and thongs with the hearts. I like them so much, I made shoes to match! She's selling the outfit for $100!! How cool is that? Guess what.. the shoes are only $25.

OK.. enough self promotion. Sorry for the short blog post, I've been racking up the points in Smokin Aces. If you get a chance.. come on down! Come to the Smokin Aces Sim, and join the rest of us.

Rowan Carroll owner in game since 2/26/06
Neural Blankes makes the lingerie
yes, my picks take you to my store
Average price $10 - $200


Neural said...

Woohoo! Go us!

Today is the 26th of January. Only a month and you will be celbrating your 1st SL birthday. :D

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