Monday, January 29, 2007

L'Elfe Blanc

You should listen to your friends. Often, they know stuff you don't. Like take Beverly. She's been telling about L'elfe Blanc since before I even started the blog. "Nice dresses! She even GIVES one away!" she said. So I finally broke down and let Bev TP to L'elfe's main store.
Lordy me. She's right! These are some pretty nice dresses, each for $100L or under! And there is a Free Today day under the sign. That's it. No chair you have to camp for, no TPing all your friends in. Just buy for $0L. The Free Today dress is this lovely grey and green, one shoulder number i'm wearing on the right.
The skirt is flexi, and with top matching details along the bottom. We know how much I like that. It didn't quite fit my butt, but I'm sure no one in all of SL has the exact same butt as me. I like the shading and details on the top. I'm just not too sure about the color. I love green. But not the HI-C Ectocooler green. I dunno, maybe it's just my poor sick widdle brain, but grey and green just don't go together very well. Maybe a grey and black, grey and red. Neon green is never a color to be on ball gowns. Neon green is meant for mini skirts and legwarmers. But I like this dress. I like the style. Not alot of one shoulder dresses in SL. The sweetheart bodice neckline is the preferred here in SL. It's nice to see a bit of change.
On the left, me again, wearing the Rusty Mandalas mini. This I got out of the Lucky Chair. That's right, she doesn't just GIVE away ONE gown, she has a Lucky Chair there too. You could visit her place and get TWO free gowns. If you're a newbie, that is great! Heck, if you're an oldbie, that's great! How many times do we get free gowns? This outfit comes with TWO different skirts. I prefer the mini skirt obviously, but the ball length flexi skirt is fun too. It has an interesting alpha to it, and the same detailing on the top and the mini skirt. THere is a nice bit of underboob shading and the patterned belt has no seen seams. I once again had to adjust the skirt.
What? DO I have the biggest BUTT in SL? Please, someone help me here? Maybe we should take a poll, and find the average butt size, hip size, all that. And get all the designers to use that average. I've had skirts thaat hover around my body like a hula hoop, and I've had skirts that disappear into my hips. Oh well. /rant off.
All in all, L'elfe Blanc looks like a good up and coming place. She had good prices, and the dresses are pretty darn good for the price. They aren't as detailed as some dresses that are $400000L but what you get is good. I'd tell the designer of L'elfe Blanc to give a little work to her detailing on the textures. And maybe not use a almost pure white skin for your ads. With the white background, it was almost like a floating gown. Overall, very nice $100L or under stuff
DrFran Babcock, owner in game since 4/30/06
Average price $100L
yes her picks takes you to her main store
PS Sorry for the lack of updates and the short post I'm sick! *sniffle cough*


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