Thursday, January 11, 2007

SF Designs - Mens

OK.. I had a request to review a men's clothing store, and I found this! SF Designs - Men's. I grabbed two men, Nezsez and Squee (Aka SQUISH!) and took them with me. Aren't they hot?
Nez is in the Chrome Leather Pants @ a lovely $125 for TWO versions, one with ties up the sides and one without. Nice detailing and shading, though I think there might be a BIT too much. No seam issues and they are better than the normal jeans you find everywhere for men. He's also wearing the Purple Laced shirt for $75. I saw it in a couple other colors also, but I'm a sucker for purple. The collar is well detailed and looks like it's really there.. just not drawn on the shirt.
Squish is wearing the Suede Chaps and Vest for a nice $200. After MUCH deliberation, I got Mr Squish to go to an undisclosed location and confirm that you CAN wear the chaps with nothing on underneath. The chaps come on the pants layer and the jeans come on the underpants layer. So you risque men out there can let it all hang out... just not around me, please.. The detailing is nice, is a bit blurry, but it IS SL so polys are polys! Squish asked for more muscular detail, but that's hard to do. Plus I'm not sure how much muscle shows through suede vest.
The best part of SF Designs is their shoes. They have some of the best dress shoes for the best price! $100 gets you a nice pair of shiny dress shoes, perfect for suits and tuxes. On the boys in the pic, Nez is wearing Tuffs in black for $200. When they were placed apon his feet, there was a "Those are Phat!" comment made. I'm guessing that is man speak for "Nice Shoes!"
Squish is wearing the Bronze Snake Bikers, again for $200. I like these low boots. They are a great shape and the texture is lovely with shine. Shiny can be hard to texture, and SF designs pulls it off well.
I couldn't get any of the guys to model SF's wonderful selection of men's under clothing. Something about appearing in the blog in a pair of mesh boxer briefs really turned them off. But if you are the kinda guy who's looking for something more than just.. HEY! I got tighty whities! try SF Designs. They have a nice selection, not as many as the ladies get, but all of SL is this way.
Over all, the clothing here is good for the price. Texturing is well drawn, seams match up well. They have a nice selection of suits, even tintable flexi ties. You can really outfit your man at SF Designs, right down to the mesh boxer briefs. If you get your man to wear these.. can I get a snapshot? Please?
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swaffette Firefly - Owner
Just to let you know there is some women's clothes there.. but I was reviewing men's clothes for this post


swaffette said...

Thanks for the great review :) always nice to see some feedback about the guys clothes , it doesnt happen often :) . Always looking for ways to improve so comments on muscle definition noted, thinking i may have to install a changing room for these shy lads!!
Happy shopping :)

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