Thursday, January 11, 2007

Spice Designs

Ok.. since none of you have sent me any LMs of stores.. I went on a search on my own. Going to the bottom of the search, I found Spice Designs. I tped in, against various warnings that TPs made you crash. Lord knows I wasn't gonna stick around at NCI all night, TP crashing BEDAMNED!
So I cross my fingers and TP into Spice Designs on Tortuga. As it rezzes, I notice a clean, well lit, nicely designed store. Reminds me of those little stores you see in RL, with the slightly stuck up ladies in pencil skirts and blazers. Where am I going... oh.. nevermind..
Straight in front of my eyes is this lovely white outfit with embroidered roses. The one on the right in the pic above, called Red Vines. It comes in two layers, the undershirt, a basic white tube with a little lacing design on the back, and the sheer, embroidered jacket layer. Did you notice how the sheer top comes OVER the top of the pants? NICE detail.
The PANTS! White Pants with details. They are called dress pants and they are detailed just like RL knit dress pants, with a covered fly and set in back pockets. I'm just happy to find a nice pair of pants in SL that doesn't hover somewhere around my asscrack! There are some pants in SL that defy the laws of gravity and good taste, but not these.
This is over all a great outfit for a nice date, or whatever they call it in SL. Best part? It was only $150! Details and quaility like this for $150 is rare.
Ok ok ok.. so I ramble on about this outfit.. I like it.. SUE me.. but the dress on the left is just as good. Called Black Flex Lace and a lovely $150, it's skirt is a good amount of flex, not tooooo fly away, not tooo stiff. Best detail, is a lace prim on the neckline. Just one of those make an outfit details that I love. I love them even more when they are $150!
Not alot in this little store, but what I see is well priced, well pic'ed, and well done. Lots of jeans and tops, not exactly T-shirts, but.. more like.. shirts. The jeans are lovely, but I'd like to see more variety in the jeans, maybe some belts. There's also a few tattoos that look out of place with the more refined clothing offerings, but who am I to complain when they TOO are well done and well priced.
Kat Spice, owner of Spice Designs needs to update her picks though, for I tried to find her "home store" from her picks and ended up somewhere else. I stuck with the location I got from the serach menu. She's also been in game for over a year, so I'm hoping she's got more stuff, cause I like what I see.
takes you right to the store. Enjoy ladies.. oh.. and gents.. there are TWO men's outfits on the right side wall.. so.. if your lady drags you there, look um over!


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