Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Radical Wook Designs

My model Mui dropped a LM on me. Told me she got a beautiful blue dress from a Lucky Chair and I HAD to blog the place. I TPed my little butt over there and saw outfits.. looovely outfits.. with even more lovely prices! So, here I am, blogging my heart out.
Radical Wook Designs is the name and prim skirt outfits with sexy prices are their game. Their store is nothing to shout about, just some plain walls and big glass walls, but who cares about how a store looks when they make clothes like this?
First up, they have 3, count them, 3 Lucky chairs! Now, I don't know if you all know about Lucky Chairs yet, because.. maybe.. you've been neglecting your Second Life for the last, ooooh, 6 months or so. These great little chairs give prizes to people with the first name that matches the "lucky" letter. I sit on R chairs, Mui gets the M chairs and Bev gets the B chairs. Got it? Good. And they are good, good for traffic, good for advertising, good for ME. Two of the three outfits I'm reviewing came out of the Lucky Chairs.
Vendors, let me tell you, DON'T PUT CRAP in your Lucky Chair. The Lucky Chair hoppers judge a store by what goes in the chair, so if you put your first ever made piece of the clothing, ya know, with the screwy lines and the bad alpha layer, in the chair, you're not gonna get repeat customers. There are WHOLE groups of people dedicated to hopping chairs and discussing their finds. I belong to like.. oohh.. 4 of them? These ladies and few gents will RIP you to shreds if you put crappy things in your chair. I have a chair in my store, and I love seeing people come and get the free shoes.
BACK to reviewing -
That's me there on the left, stunning as usual. I'm wearing the Carnation Too for $150. Top, pants undies and flexi skirt all included. Just LOOK at the tiny flower detail on the top. The subtle tone on tone floral accents that are NOT all over the top, just splayed down one side of the dress. THAT, my friends, is detail. There are even tiny silver buttons on the back of the dress. The same floral details are on each prim of the skirt, with shaded drawn gathering and lightly laced edge. Some real time went into making this dress. I couldn't even see the edge seams! How is that for some real Photoshop torture! The under skirt pants were just slightly off, but then.. I'm the only one who looks that closely at my butt. I did have to adjust the prim skirt.. which I hate, but... not everyone' butt is the same size. I understand that. The prims were nicely flexi, not too soft,and not too stiff. For $150, this is a DEFINITE keeper and drag my newbie friends to see. It also came in red, light blue, green, and purple.
In the middle we have our lovely Bev, who is wearing an outfit out of the Lucky Chair, Slate that sells for $150. I adore the skirt on this outfit. Black and white plaid and it's a NEW length! All skirts in SL must be BUTT showing short or where-the-hell-have-my-feet-gone long. The length on this prim flexi skirt is just above the knee. Perfect for teaching, or business meetings. It did need some adjusting, just pulled down a bit. It also comes with two tintable tops, one T-shirt as Bev is wearing and one velvet shirt. The tintable shirts didn't have much detail other than.. hey.. I'm velvet, but really.. they are tintable! Do you know how ODD that is in SL clothing?
Mui, dear, on the right is wearing another outfit out of the Lucky Chair, Beloved in Blue that retails for $200. Right away, let's say that I'm not a big fan in RL of ruching. Ruching makes everyone look wrinkled in RL. But in SL, I love the ruching on the bodice of this dress. It's detailed, highlighted, drawn and looks damn near real to the touch! The blue parts of the dress aren't just blue, they are a tonal lace texture. The prim skirt has two layers, the tonal lace and a fluffy black lace under layer for flounce. Prim skirts are fun, but FLOUNCY prim skirts are even better. It fit Miss Mui well, just a little adjustment which we are all getting used to by now. The side seams on the ruched bodice looked nice and the spaghetti halter straps were nice and clear. This outfit comes in a bunch of colors: red, charcoal, deep red, black and white.
All in all, I like this place. Not an overwhelming amount of clothing that makes your head spin, but a good assortment of well made pieces at FAB prices. Hit the Lucky Chairs if you are still a bit wary, or try her Bargain Area with $10 and $25 clothing. There are also some nice eyes here at the main store. I still haven't really bought any eyes. I made mine and they are unique to me. But if you are after some brightly colored yet natural eyes, they have them here
Radical Wook Designs
Ketzal Frankfurter - Owner in game since 7/19/06
Quite a few vendor spots but main store
Yes! Picks do take you right to the store.
Average price $10 - $200 most around the $150-$200 range


SLNatalia said...

Rowan, I didnt know you had a blog! And such a great idea too! :)

I saw your shoes when I met Neural a few weeks back (we talked about teaching at NCI). I love your shoes, particularly the one with the fishie in the heel :) You are so creative! :)

Anyway, nice blog :)

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