Sunday, January 21, 2007


You know what one of my favorite words in the English language is.. SALE.. you put that word on something and I'll look.. I might even buy. I troll the Shopping forum looking for sales. Today I found DollyRock! WOO! $50L sale. I hurried my tushie over there, and saw these $50L stickers EVERYwhere. But..the original prices weren't bad either, so I had to investigate!
Here I am on the left in my $50 deal! Janey in Lilac. $50 people! Comes with the nicely detailed, well seamed top, that looks like a v neck sweater and a printed cami under but they are together on the shirt layer. The cute little booty shorts with drawn belt and buckle detail and a prim flexi skirt that works with the booty shorts. I needed to adjust the prim skirt as usual, and thankfully it was mod, so I could! The buckle detail never really came into too clearly for me. I'm not sure if this is SL or the texture so we'll call no fault on it. This also comes in a blue version.
Standing next to me is Xaxoqual, the beautiful Avian. She is wearing the Antoinette Black for $195. See.. told you even the not on sale stuff was a good price! I love the detail on the top matching the detail on the flexi prims. That is the kinda stuff that MAKES an outfit. Now.. we had a bit of confusion on this outfit and Bev's.. the detail looks cutoff. I had Bev take off the under basic skirt and there was the detail, on the under pants! NOW the outfit looks PERFECT. Xax did the same thing and everything was good again. So.. you can wear this outfit as a beautiful long dress.. or a beautiful pantsuit! How fun is that? Two outfits for only $195! It also comes in a white and gold version.
And between Bev and Xax is Melissa, who was in the store with us and volunteered to model the outfit she just bought! Sara in Mustard was on sale for $50l. This came with pants and top and skirt. The prim skirt is a tonal lace with lace stockings and a top with a little busty lace cutout. Very cute and basic. It's all on the underpants and undershirt layer. I guess you could add a nice jacket or vest over the top to jazz it up a bit. Mustard isn't a color you see very often in SL. I could have used some more details in this top, some creases or underbust details. But it's a very nice outfit and it came in Maroon, charcoal and red.
Last.. but not least, is Bev wearing another $50 special, the Emmalene long in Pink. That isn't prim fluff you see around the neck line.. it's well drawn on fluff and it's around the ankle cuffs too. The Silver scroll details beside the buttons is repeated on the prim skirt. That makes the outfit for me, even if it didn't have this wonderful flexi shape! I love the too-wide-to-get-my-hips-through-the-door look. It's the pretty pretty princess in me! but once again, I had Bev take off the base skirt and leave on the pants to get the full detailing. I love the detailing in this dress. The creasing in the prims, the slightly shiny buttons , the fluff.. it all works for me. Maybe I should trade dressed with Bev? Hmm.. naah.. for $50.. I'll buy my own.
All in All, DollyRock was a fun store. It's very bright and shiny and girlie! Her ads are well shot and informative. We'd like to tell Cherry to make it more clear that there are formals upstairs. Alot of the girls I brought into the store, didn't notice the signs, so intent were they on the $50L sale. DollyRock has a lucky chair, and a couple freebies. She even sells silks and has a small goth line. And she has an update group, DollyRock Divas. Don't forget her shapes for $50 all the time
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Average prices $100-200 with one outfit at $450, and sale for $soL, shapes $50L
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Cherry Cheevers said...

Thanks so much for the great reveiw Rowan!

I'm looking at ways to make the 2nd floor more obvious apart from the signs.

I love to mix and match and make up my own outfits which is why I usually include matching pants and a base skirt so there is a chance to play around with different combinations :-)

I also have a couple of blogs:

Thanks again, Rowan, for your kind words :-)

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