Tuesday, January 23, 2007

1-800 Bettie

The person behind Rowan, behind the keyboard, behind the snarky comments and drooling, loves the 40's. I swear, I must have lived a life in the 40's. I will gladly listen to Big Band music, swing, vocal standards. I love the classic 40's 50's fashions. Was I the only one upset when Pleasantville went color?
So knowing this about me, an old friend took me to 1-800-Bettie's awhile back. Whilst I drooled, he told me to pick a dress. I wiped my mouth enough to say blue and I have the same dress Bev is wearing, but in blue.
So I was thinking of places to blog, and it's been a VERY 40's day. My RL mother got some Andrews Sisters videos for me, and I spent the day crooning along with Mel Torme', Peggy Lee, the Andrew and Macguire Sisters, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Might as well round out the day in the 40's vein and tell you about.. 1-800-Bettie's.
After a search, cause I couldn't remember if it was spelled Betty or Bettie.. and anyways, in search Bettie only comes up with some Mistress who charges $1000L for 20 minutes, I found my nirvana. Bettie's! The clothes, the hair, the SHOES.. oooh the SHOES, the stockings, even men's and some 50's style corset and panties. Are you drooling yet? I am.. and I've BEEN there!
1-800-Bettie's is a prim time machine back a few decades. I have a multi pass to this time machine. She has 30-50's things, all very well made and researched. This isn't GAP does the 40's. If I didn't know better, I'd say she probably wore these things herself, back in the correct era!
OK ok ok. enough.. ON to the review!
Bev here on the left, do we ever get enough Bev, is wearing the Swingin' dress in white, I own it in blue, for $200. You can wear it with or without the prim flexi skirt. I prefer it in all it's poofiness with the flexi skirt. Nach! Rowan and poofy just seem to go together. The bodice is well drawn, and have gorgeous little tuck details around the sweetheart neckline. I've worn this with a couple skins and so far, NO nipple slips! The gloves have drawn details too, and are a nice added touch. Not enough pretty gloves in SL. Make more please! The skirt isn't just colored prims, there's a layer detail drawn on the skirt prims. Much more realistic. Love it! The bell curve of the prims is just perfect. I think I would totally in love with this dress and NEVER take it off, if there were some poofy lacy layers under the skirt. But.. I'm totally in love with this dress anyways. It even really looks good without the prim part. How many outfits can you say that about? This comes in purple, red, blue, black, pink and green. Each one just as cute.
Bev is also wearing the Crawford's Curls hair in Blonde for $150. Sooo cutely retro. Just.. soo.. perfectly complimenting the style of the dress and the whole theme of the store. Nice and shiny, perfect curls. Nonflexi, of course. Comes in white, gold, rust, black, brunette. Comes with a bald *YAY*! Bev's also wearing the Slipper pumps in white for $100. They aren't a blinding white, almost an eggshell, which is VERY well researched. You know what I love about these shoes? That the level of detail includes a padded insole. PADDED insole! We don't really need it, but it's there. THAT is committment to detail. Comes in brown, white, black, red.
On to me, Rowan on the right! I'm wearing the Chic in Burgundy for $185. Love it! Can I just leave it at that? Oh, you know me.. I could talk all night! Let's get down to my favorite part of this dress. Do you see how skinny I look? Not skinny.. I have a cute little waist! I've been in bikini tops with booty shorts on and never have I see myself look so curvy and feminine! The top detailing just makes my chest pop, without popping out all over, and the high waist instead of hiding my tiny waist, makes it look even tinier. And ladies, this designer knows the secret. For once, in a basic skirt, my ass did not look the size of Greenland. I just looked, curvy. So Hot! The seams are lovely, as is the lines in the neckline. I like clean necklines. The detail on the top was a little muddled compared to the lighter color options for this dress, but the red was just soo calling to me, I had to buy it. Look! Prim cuffs! Little black gloves! It's the little things that MAKE dresses. I love the prim cuffs. Just the fact that it HAS prims cuffs. That is attention to detail. Oh! I love it.
I'm also wearing the Crawford's Curl, in Rust for $150. This needed modding. Obviously I have the largest head in SL. It's all brain matter, I swear. I went all out for me, I'm also wearing her lovely cuban heeled, seamed thigh high stockings in Taupe for $60 and the Slingbacks in black for $150. Seams are very nice in the stockings and it's nice to have flesh colored stockings occassionally, just for those times with hot pink or electric green won't work. The prim work on these shoes, I'm envious, I am. Again with the padded insole. the adorable little silver buckle. The fact that they fit up to size 6. How nice is that? Love love love!
Overall, I love this store. It fulfills all my baby boomer era love in one place. Ladies, they even have some men's stuff and hats! Did I mention hats? Come down, grab some clothes and go swing dancing. I will. if I can find me a guy to go dancing with. Anyone got a spare male?
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