Friday, January 12, 2007

Sweet Leaf Creations

First of all, yes.. I know it's winter at least in my hemisphere. But darn it, I was looking for a new place to blog and I found these delish swimsuits! Sweet Leaf Creations has a few locations, but I visited the FairChang Olas location.
The shop is sooo beachy cute, I love the flexi curtain in the doorway and the whole hut look. The ads for product were large and beautifully lit and designed. Made me wanna buy each one, if only they came with the backgrounds and the tickets to Tahiti!
On the left is our wonderful Beverly, who is always willing to go store hopping with me. She is wearing the adorable Wild Child Bikini in Blueberry for $150. This bikini comes in a various different patterns, each one with a good tropical feel. I'm a sucker for anything tropical, especially drinks!
In the middle of our resident male store hopper, Squee (Squish) in the men's Micro in Onyx. It's a thong back, as are all the suits we tried on. I didn't think Squish's woman would appreciate his buttchecks on the web, so sorry ladies, front view only! Priced at $100, we found most of the prices a little high for the amount of material.
I, your host Rowan, am in the Barely Innocent in Foxy Lady. Yes, it only covers ONE boob, so I censored out my nipple. If you wanna see my nipple, you're gonna have to pay me. This too is $150. I really like the inventiveness of this swimsuit. I'd like a pasty or something to come with it. Infact the ad has a cute little leafy thing covering the boob. Can we get something like that in the outfit too? For us more modest girls, who don't like flopping a nipple out?
Over all, the seams were nice and straight. The straps were very small and lined up well across the edges, which I know is a hard thing to do. The variety of prints was very nice, vendors ran smoothly. I'd like a fast pay option on vendors though, I hate having to remember what the price was for the particular item. What can I say, LAZY ME!
The only thing I'm not impressed with is the Minkini, an itsy bitsy teeny weeny barely there bikini. On the ad, it covered her naughty parts, on me... well.. let's just say I'd need more censor boxes. The lines were smeary, but probably due to us being polygons! I just wasn't really digging the Minkini. I don't even like the word.. Minkini. My fingers don't like to type it. Hmm..
Again.. prices.. a little on the high side... good variety of patterns and colors. Could probably use a bit more men's stuff, maybe make some men's/women's matching outfits, for THOSE kinda couples.
Details for this store
Aces Spades - Owner
In Game since 9/22/03
Her store in her picks takes you to the store I visited
Average price $100-$175


Miss Spade said...

Thanks for the great review and congrads on the new blog, Glad you enjoyed my bikini's. i have a wide assortment for every type of woman, the bikini's with one boob covered does not come with pasties the leaf was to cover it for pg purposes..I have many ideas for new swim wear keep your eyes peeled

boredum gym balls said...
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