Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nuclear Boutique

Ok.. So.. after seeing Sarabi's hair, Bev tped me to Nuclear Boutique, who also does hair. What we loved.. her color range and the fact that you can DEMO each color before you buy! OH MY GOD. How great is that? Just because it looks good on the box, doesn't mean it looks good on you and before you go plunking down your hard earned lindens ($95 a hair), you wanna make sure you get the goods.
Her style is a little anime, a little real life. I'm trying on the Ambush bob in Radiation Red. Who knew I liked red? The fit was good, I tend to have a large head (no jokes people!) and didn't have to mod this hair to have it look this good. It's not flexi and I can live with that, I like the occassional static hair, it's great for laggy places like NCI.
Also here at Nuclear Boutique were some fabulous shoes, which I'm trying to cut down on buying, I mean, come on.... I MAKE shoes, I don't need to buy everyone else's too! But her shoes match these adorable hot colored sweaters with prim fur cuffs. The shoes are a bargain at $40, and matching sweater is only another $40!
But for us bargain shoppers.. the best is.. the freebies.. right? We're all about the freebies. And does she deliver on the freebies.. If you join her update group you get free hair and outfit.
But even if you don't. there are THREE Gift bags full of fun freebies, I see some shoes, some undies.. I can't wait to get back home and look at all the free stuff I got..
AND ladies, she's having a 20% off sale.. so hit it now!
Nuclear Boutique Archipelago Wild (32, 247, 27)


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