Monday, January 15, 2007

Designs by Cleo

I asked the girls from one of the Lucky Chair groups if they knew any new or little known designers. SAPPHIRE Mercy told me about her friend Cleopatra Sun. I searched for the name, since FINALLY search was working again. Why don't they just admit that SL can't handle more than 20K residents on at a time?
Anyways, I pop into the store.. Very nice and large, with an old world feel to it. Textures on the walls and floor, even a fountain and a mosaic! There is a staircase in the middle of the store, leading to an upstairs with celebrity shapes.
I don't blog about shapes, I'm here for the clothing. I call in my best two models, Bev and Mui.. and let's see what we have.
First Mui on the left is wearing Swift the Moods in Aqua. I noticed the pic and the great variety of colors. I was intrigued by the creative skirt. Very hanky hemline, chunky pieces, just more than the usual line of flexi prims around my hips. And a scarf! A fun, flexi ended scarf! And it came with the high heel boots, all for $275. I said I would review, and I am. It's a good price for outfit with shoes, but this designer needs more time to work with shading and textures. I love the creative prim elements, the skirt was fun and the scarf was lovely, shoe prims well made. BUT and here's the but.. The top lacked a number of details that make a difference for the customer. No underboob shading, no seam lines, no cuff or collar. She's got prims down, she just needs to work on her detail texture work. Oh and less full bright AND using light in the skirt. Mui gave off a wierd glow. I know adding light to your prims makes them look good when you're working on them.. but.. turn off the light before you put on the skirt. No one's ass should have it's own glow.
Bev is wearing the outfit in her Lucky Chair, right now, called Emancipation in Red. This doesn't come with shoes and is available for $400 OR sitting your butt in the chair. Once again, prim work is great! The skirt is made like a hula skirt, lots of skinny prims for a fun flare. The top showed a bit more in texture work, but.. what's holding those little strips of fabric together? And the seams line up a little oddly. But I love her prim work! Bev said the bangle bracelets that came with the outfit didn't fit, but that's easy to fix most of the time.
I'm wearing the best outfit of them all, The Golden Empress. This came with the whole package, even shoes for $400. I love the creative prim work on the scarf and the cape. Even the prim belt is fun. I love the color, Camel isn't a color alot of people use in SL.. it's all black and red and pink! There's even some good texture work on the buckles on the scarf and belt. But the basic top and skirt need some detail, a zipper, some shading, a button, creases.
All in all, I say if this designer gives a little time to her texture work, she'll blow us away with creative outfits. She's got her fun prim work DOWN, and I have to give it to her, she's only been in game since late June. If you are looking for something new and interesting, try Cleo. And I will be stopping back again to see how she's coming along.
Designs by Cleo
Cleopatra Sun owner - in game since 6/24/06
average price $200-500
Yes her picks do take you right to the store.


Anonymous said...

Hi the shop is actually called Designs By Cleopatra. Designs By Cleo is a different shop entirely.

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