Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sarabi Designs

First off.. I remember when she was the "Dot Twenty-five" store and had some fun cute hair.. she's grown out now.. and got rid of my FAV hair style the Isis. But she's grown into some more great hairs, 4 colors for only $75 lindens. And, for newbies or the non campers, who exist on stipends, that is a great price.
Each pack contains red, brown, black and blonde and a bald. I love when hair designers remember to add a bald to their hair packs. I hate having to track a bald down in my inventory!
Her textures are a nice shiny texture, without looking too greasy like some. I took a couple good friends down to her store with me, comments were good. We would like a white texture too, and Darlene says maybe some cyberpunk for those who like that sorta thing. Bev, who is a stickler for blonde textures, loves Sarabi's blonde. The red is a rich, darker red, that I love.
Now on to Fit, as I said, I like the fact that there is a bald in the pack, saves me time and trouble. I just plopped the Pearl on my head and it fit like a charm, usually I have to move some prim outta my eyes or fill in the back of my head! My friend Bev, just plopped her Gardenia (with cuuute flowers that are detachable!) on and it fit too!
Oh and the hairs are no transfer, but she does have gift certificates and a freebie voucher for under 1 month! And they are copy and mod so you can fit them to a few different AV shapes!
But.. Sarabi just doesn't do HAIR, she has some adorable kitchy earrings upstairs. I love the Kiwi dangles for just $25! And they ARE transferable, so get some now.
Also in the store is a lucky chair, for us Lucky Chair Hoppers and do you know what the prize is? Lucky Chair earrings!! I almost had to camp it to get them.. soooo cute and so creative! Sarabi, what's next?
Let me know in the comments what YOU think about this Designer


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