Thursday, December 4, 2008

Teagan's Challenge

So I don't usually do the blogging challenges.. but this one from Teagan got me.. Book Characters! WOOT!

I had to do Anita Blake from the book series by Laurell K Hamilton. I've read every single book in the series at least three times. I love them, even though I'm not much of a vampire/lycan fan. There is just something about these books that draws me in. Prolly the realness of Anita.. She has problems with her men, her body, her family. She's funny but in a human way. She fights her own demons as well as .. well.. DEMONS. Come on.. she sleeps with a stuffed penguin.. :}

So yeah.. I tossed together some items from my outrageous inventory.. which is down to 85K. yeah.. that's 8 5 0 0 0 ... don't Judge ME! What can I say.. I'm a pack rat.. But for everyone who yells at me about it.. there is someone who goes.. "Do you have a.... ?" and by golly.. I do!

Hair: TossMeAbout by DBS Heart.. was a freebie awhile ago and damn if it ain't Anita!
Skin: Darkes Sisters Skins-S8-Porcelain-Moda-Starz Freebie from the Skin Expo long ago
Eyes: SYD Caramel
Shirt: SYD Red Sweater
Jacket: Charcoal crushed velvet BLAZER - cropped (RG) from Rosemary Gailbreaths old store
Pants: LW Basic Jeans Charcoal 1 Laynie Wear!
Gun: FORT 14 - 1.3 (holstered) found on Xstreet for $1L

For all the Anita fans that see this.. I'm SOO anti Richard..

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