Saturday, December 13, 2008

Secluded Cove Interviews - Ryker Beck

This is the Second in the series of interviews with Secluded Cove Boardwalk vendors

#1 Avatar Name
Ryker Beck

#2 Business Name

#3 First day in SL
February 22, 2007

#4 Your vision for your business
Though I am currently a modest jewelry store, I would eventually like to expand into content creation in a greater capacity, reaching the goals of skin design and couture clothing ultimately.

#5 Favorite place in SL
The Crown & Pearl, the best bar in all of Second Life. Not a single place else I would rather spend my time lounging away, talking with close friends, and meeting new ones.

#6 Favorite Freebie
Eloh Eliot's skins are an incredible addition to my inventory, as they should be to yours!

#7 Why you joined DiS
I originally joined DiS because Tigerlily Koi was shocked I was not yet a part of it! (haha) I am remarkably thankful for the invite, and blessed to be surrounded by so many astounding and creative minds on a regular basis. The support received from this group continuously inspires me.

#8 Upcoming plans
My ultimate goal in Second Life is to become a skin creator... though I fear that goal may be months and months away. However, when I reach it, you will surely hear me shouting from the Cove rooftops!

#9 Another store you love
I am madly in love with the store Kari, by Menno Ophelia. The shoes, clothes, hair, you name it... collaboration at its finest!

#10 Favorite color and why
Yellow, because it is bright and cheerful... and always reminds me that the sun is always shining somewhere.

Thank you Ryker for your continued support of Secluded Cove Boardwalk!


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