Friday, December 26, 2008

Secluded Cove Interviews - Sysy Chapman

Another in my continuing series of interviews with Secluded Cove Boardwalk Vendors. The Enchanting Sysy Chapman!

#1 Avatar Name
SySy Chapman

#2 Business Name

#3 First day in SL
Dec. 16, 2006

#4 Your vision for your business
Provide female wear, ranging from everyday casuals to formal attire. Planning to do more for charity organizations aswell, and have a WHOLE lot of fun doing it all :)

#5 Favorite place in SL
Aaaaah..too many to name. But the Apollo, Botanical Gardens and sims like that are gorgeous. OH! The loco poco's sim...awesome idea. The Black Swan...gosh..see? I cant'pick only one lol

#6 Favorite Freebie
Hands down the lucky chair items from Zaara's ;)

#7 Why you joined DiS
I got invited into DiS honestly not knowing of it's excistance LOL! However now i KNOW it, i wouldn't wanna leave it no more. The reason i would want to join dis had i known it, i love the idea of this group, its wonderfull to be able to chat with fellow designers and creators, share tips, vent a little bit about frustrations, have a silly chat etc. <3 DiS!!!

#8 Upcoming plans
Do more with/for charity organizations, do my own fashionshows, continue creating and learning to get better at it :)

#9 Another store you love
Again too many to name, but let me drop a few names which come to mind now, Nicky Ree's wonderfull gowns, Zaara's well entire collection lol, ETD hair, Truth hair, Aphrodite Outlanders shoes, Tesla, Leezu Baxter and much more!

#10 Favorite color and why
All earth, green brown etc. Earthy tones :)

Thank you, Sy for your continued support of Secluded Cove!


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