Friday, December 19, 2008

Secluded Cove Interviews - Mouse Mimistrobell

This is the fourth in the series of vendors from Secluded Cove Boardwalk! The Lovely Mouse Mimistrobell

#1 Avatar Name
Mouse Mimistrobell

#2 Business Name
Dark Mouse Jewelry

#3 First day in SL

#4 Your vision for your business
I've always envisioned my business as one of those eclectic jewelry shops where you find strange, unique and beautiful pieces that you might not see in every store.

#5 Favorite place in SL
My favorite place in SL is Teal. I'm a huge LOTR fan and Teal is the first place I landed in SL. I was mesmerized by the Bilbo's hobbit hole and the gates of Moria. I've even made my own gates of Moria and my dream is to have my own sim and build Rivendell.

#6 Favorite Freebie
Hmmm. Mine or someone elses? There are so many but my favorite freebie is the sculpty belt that Maitreya gave out not too long ago. Actually anything free from Maitreya is just the best in my book. The freebie that I gave away free for a week that I loved was the Lagilicious Fashionista Belt - I gave away over 800 while they were free!

#7 Why you joined DiS
I joined DiS because I feel like I know so little about the SL fashion community and when I'm down, it helps me a lot to listen to other designers talk about their challenges! I'm totally a lurker though and rarely speak up cause I'm the shy type.

#8 Upcoming plans
I plan to participate in the Peace on Earth hunt and the Vanity Winter Fairy Tale Expo.

#9 Another store you love
I lurve Nyte & Day. It was the first store I shopped in SL and I still shop there frequently. In particular, I LOVE the Nyte'N'Day - Button Fly Jeans (Dark Wash) that I wear them constantly.

#10 Favorite color and why
Can I have 2? My fav color is brown and I especially like it with blue. There's just something about the richness of the combined colors that I really like. I guess I just think it's a classy color combo.

Thank you, Mouse for your continued support of Secluded Cove Boardwalk!



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