Thursday, May 29, 2008

Topaz Square

Sometimes you seem the same thing over and over again on the Fashion Planet feed. I don't mind it, I like to see how other people use the same outfit in different ways. But I know there are some great designers out there that don't get blogged enough.
One of them is CaSimone Aquitaine, the owner/designer of Topaz Square.
Is there anything this woman can't do? She makes shoes. She makes hair. She makes jewelry. She even builds her own store. Jealousy, thy name is Rowan.

First outfit is new from Topaz Square. The Santa Fe. I'm wearing it in Copper. So many different layers and pieces. Here is it with the skirt and poofy sleeves and undershirt, very girly

And here is the more, rugged version, with belt, tucked in pants and vest

Santa Fe, $250L, copy, mod on prims, no transfer, clothing AND boots

I picked up the Loops & Twirls in Peach to wear with it and her newbie friendly hair. I love the way she makes little fly away pieces with alpha textures.

Simple Braid, $50L, three colors, resize script, no trans yes copy no mod

Loops & Twirls - peach earrings, $100L, bling on/off transfer only

This is a favorite from awhile ago. Reflections. You SERIOUSLY need to see this IN game. Pictures do NOT show you how she's scripted the pieces to shimmer. Each little prim shimmers and gives you a sense of real movement. OF course Rowan needed the hot pink!

Reflections - Hottie Pink Shimmer $550L, copy, mod, no transfer, shoes included, scripted shimmer effect

Topaz Square has a fab freebie section up on the third floor with outfits for ladies and even the men. She ALSO has a small men's section.
CaSimone is part of the DiS Relay for Life team and there are RFL vendors out on the patio.

Topaz Square


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