Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nitro fabulous dress

See this dress? O M G! I love it. I saw it on SLEX and I HAD to have it. I love the swirling opal like texture and the way it matches all the way to the flexi skirt. The way the light plays with the fabric folds.. ooohh I'm in looove...

Here I've paired it with Neural's new opal jewelry, Shooting Star. I love the way it matches the dress, echoes the opal colors.

The store is Nitro and the dress is called Nacred. It's also available in a pink colored, but I loved the silvery one. It was $300L and is no transfer but copy and mod. The top comes on jacket AND shirt layer. The prim skirt needed no modding for my big ass. Here's a link if you'd rather buy it on SLEX


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