Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Outposts and malls

So I've been looking around for vendor spots lately. Thought I'd share with you a few of my spots.

Here is the SLurl to my store in Moosh, a huge fab newish mall. Basically alot of the designers from Cotton Candy moved here, including me. Elizabeth Hallstrom is the manager. Contact her for info on renting.

Here is my VERY newest, just opened today spot in the Shadow of the Moon Earth Mall. You will land and see a TPer.. sit and choose Earth.. Adrianna Anthony is the contact for renting info. There are lots of open spaces here.

And my favorite new spot on Thistledown. This is a wonderful residental sim owned by a friend of mine, who just has a little store and let me plop a few boxes down. I had to give you pics of the 7 Seas fishing near the store

isn't that a beautiful island? The owner just dropped tier prices by $3USD. If you are looking for your own tropical paradise, contact Neural Blankes for more info and pricing. Her regular prices are $7USD for a 1024! or $1792L a month for 1024m2! Trust me.. that is a really good pricing.


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