Monday, May 12, 2008


OMG decent SL feet! YES! I found.. ok.. well I was given some decent SL feet! Here I am, whining on the designer chat channel about how uuuggglllyyy most SL feet are. Suddenly Siddean Munro pipes up about her feet. Ok.. fine.. lemme see. She graciously sends me a skin, SLink Madison Sunkissed Skin - Robin
I wear it.. wait for SL to rez and zooooom in on the feetsies. OMG Toes! REAL TOES!
People, I like this skin. Happy well drawn nipples. A naughty hoo hoo that doesn't become an anatomy lesson. Wrinkles behind the knees. Nicely handdrawn ears that don't look like you laid your head on a flat bed scanner.

Oh.. she has a subscribe-o-crack! I swear. I have more subscribe-o-matic groups than I do normal ones! heheh
I love love love the stained glass in her store

She also sells shoes.. but I won't go into that. :P And clothing. But.. the skins.. ooooooh *drool*

$800L a piece for glory! Not a bad price. TP there now


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