Sunday, July 26, 2009

Free AO's

This question gets asked alot in a couple different groups. Who makes a good free AO for a new person? I have one in my store, based on the ZHAO HUD. I made it with poses from my good friend Neural Blankes. I needed an ao with a sexy walk and some nicer natural poses. I was tired of my "model" ao where I was talking to someone about business or what have you.. and BAM! I'm thrusting my crotch at them. Also annoying are the ao's where you yawn and stretch or walk around in a circle, or do a little dance like your bladder is full. Really, people!

Mine is here on Xstreet
Here is a GREAT male one. It's not $1L for gift giving but it IS transfer in world
and they make a nice female one also

Do you have a favorite free AO? Please tell me it's not that gangsta or ninja ao or that damn model one that has you posing on your toes all the time. Put it in the comments! We appreciate it.

Update! I have reset my damn Xstreet box and tested delivery.. please.. try again if you didn't receive your AO. Stupid SL..


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