Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NCI SL6B Hunt!

I got a notice in my NCI, New Citizen's Inc group that they were arranging another hunt full of NCI Alumni. I am an alumni, and I frequently hang out at NCI Kuula, listen in on the NCI main group chat, and know alot of the officers and teachers. I HAD to join this hunt.

Press Release
NCI Celebrates SL6B! Hunt!

This is a grid-wide hunt, meaning stores across many sims are participating, and all are owned by NCI members.
The hunt will begin on July 1, and end July 6.
To begin, start at the landmark given from this sign- "Steampunk Animal Avatars"
While there, find the rocket "NCI SL6B #1"- It will give you a gift, as well as a landmark for the next shop- follow the rockets till the end of the hunt- you'll know you're all done when you land at the NCI SL6B exhibit!

Have fun!

You'll find a special pair of my Stacked Paisley Mules Redux in my rocket.. if you can find it! *evil laugh*


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