Saturday, July 4, 2009

Buckle Mules REDUX!

Ya know.. I don't usually do this kinda thing.. the past is the past. But when we were redoing the store, Kat and I took a good long look at some of my shoes. I realized.. I loved the styles.. and people were still buying them.. but.. I could do SOO much better now. In the rush to get the store done, I went ahead and updated some of my more famous pairs. The Buckle Mules Redux. With my famous stacked wood heel in a new cool shape, leather mule toe with a matched leather strap and gold buckle. Still the same old fab price of $95L. Comes in Garnet, Camel, Mustard, Hunter Cadet, Ocean, Plum, Earth, and Carbon. Right HERE in the new store. Check this style shot out! Aren't Kat and I adorable? :}


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