Friday, July 3, 2009


It's Bandana Day! Bandana Day is July 3rd when all us crazy Hair Lovers trade in our prim locks for a good cause. If you made it to the Hair Fair, I hope you picked up one of these fab $50L bandanas. All money goes to Locks of Love! So hurry down to the Hair Fair and grab one or two.. they are transferable so pick some up for a friend who can't handle the lag at the Fair.

Here I am in the Winx Bandana. I HAD to have it cause it goes SOOO well with my Carmen platforms I put outback at the Shoe Expo in 2008. Of course I had to do it up, old movie poster style. I usually don't do much postprocessing on my photos.. but.. Bandana Day called for it!


miskat qinan said...

/me grabs a banana! oh my!

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