Sunday, July 26, 2009


Here we are in the middle of the year. It's not really summer here in my RL. It's been strangely cold and rainy. I wore a sweatshirt on the 4th of July! This is NOT midsummer in Ohio!

I've been pondering my store, again. I think I'm starting to make better shoes. I can rez some of my old old pairs and just CRINGE at the prim work. What was I THINKING?

So I need your help. I'm gonna post a couple questions here on my blog. If you feel like it. Answer them here, or send me a notecard in world. I will reward you with a pair of unreleased shoes. How's that for easy?

#1. When you are about to go shopping, how do you shop? Do you use the search, the blogs, etc?

#2. What makes you buy a certain product? Price, quality, name?

#3. How do you find out about sales and contest?

#4. What makes you add yourself to a subscribe o matic or in world group?

#5. What would make you more willing to purchase shoes from me?

#6. What do you dislike about my store and/or brand?

#7. Do you have a fashion blog and would you like to be my list for receiving review packs?

#8. What is your style, Goth, preppy, neko?

#9. What do you think is missing from shoes in SL?

#10. What is your inworld name and who would you like me to deliver the shoes to?

Thank you in advance!

Rowan Carroll


Anonymous said...

Sending a card! :)

Chic Aeon said...

Hope this helps :D

#1 If I am looking for something specific I'll try search, but most often I find shops and locales by exploring.

#2 Vendor pictures are VERY important in my choices. Name not important. Tiny new shops that make great things are just as high on my personal list as the big guns *wink*

#3 Sales and contest news comes mostly from groups and blogs or notecards sent from the designers.

#4 SOM groups are often my favorite although most groups are chatter free these days. I add myself if I like the designs and want to keep apprised of new things. If there is a SOM or group gift then that's a plus. I don't group hop, but I will leave a group after a time if it is too quiet or too noisy.

#5 Since I seldom buy things, I am not the best judge here. But the things that I DO buy are items that I can use over and over again. So basics that don't cost a fortune. I am big on "neutrals".

#6 I'd get rid of the camping chairs and put in models. And the signs to pay to kick someone out of the chair is not good IMHO. Sorry.

#7 Yes, I have a blog and would be happy to be on your list.

#8 Middle of the road, Retro, RP.

#9 Actually I think we have a great variety available to us -- better than RL in many ways. I would like to see invisiprims work better or be sized exactly like the shoe as much as possible so that there isn't any of that odd look when meeting another alpha texture.

# 10 I am Chic Aeon and you can send packages to me. TY.

Good questions :D. Best of success!

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