Sunday, September 16, 2007

SSUS Update 9/15

Here we are! A nice little release from me!

First up are more of my sculptie heels. Everyone seemed to like the first pair I put out.. so I made some more.. $50L a pair! A sample:

Lovely, yes?

Also I saw a pair of adorable flats in RL and i thought I'd make MY take of them.. and here they are

Tres` CUTE!

Now I wouldn't be She's So Unusual Shoes if I didn't do a little crazy now and then..

Yes.. they ARE cute too!

And LAST but not quite released.. ha! Pirate Skull Boots!

These will ONLY be released at the Talk Like a Pirate Day Party on the Thistledown Sim. Invite? Of course!

The boots will be for sale at the party for only $50L.. after the party they will be in my store for the $195L price.. so. ya know.. you might wanna hit the party!

Ciao, darlings!


bex hathaway said...

OMG! I remember wearing...err..I remember my mother wearing (heehee) platforms like the caged monkey ones, only they had fake fishes in them! hahah! FAB! I love anything and everything pirate (including johnny depp) so I will most def be picking up those boots.

Hazel Kyrgyz said...

wow, the caged monkey shoes are fantastic!

Rowan Carroll said...

Bex.. at my store I dooo have platforms with fishies in them.. they are really popular..

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