Tuesday, September 11, 2007

DiamonX Studios

Ok. so my friend Elda took me to this mall. It's a doll Mall! But that's not the point. THE point IS! I found a vendor of these AWESOME Victorian style dresses. I buy. How could I not.. they were only $150L!! I go to the main store.. and I drag my Partner-in-Crime, Squee with me. WE SQUEAL with delight as all the beautiful dresses rez. The vendors confuse us. Touching them only makes the color of the dress change. How much ARE these fab dresses? Eventually I actually get CLOSE to one of the vendors and notice they WHISPER the name of the item and price.

$150L??!! $65L??!! My AV's ear must be malfunctioning! These are totally amazing dresses! Let me show you..

1st up is Me 'N' Squee!

I'm in white, called Romance Time Pearl. This is one of the more expensive dresses there.. at a WHOPPING!! BANK BREAKING! $200L. That's right! $200L and its not JUST a dress. Oh no! Lemme list all the items it came with: two bracelets, a pair of earrings, a necklace AND the entire dress. I didn't get a close up of the jewelry, but even it had FINE prim work. Just Stunning! I love the mix of static and flexi pieces in the skirt. Keeps the legs covered. Came in a bunch of colors, but damn.. I wanted WHITE.All the pieces are Mod AND Copy.

Squee is wearing Conveyance Time 2 Green. Wait for it.. $100L!!! My god.. it's So So So... CUTE. It's so Mary Poppinsque! The Texture work is beautifully realistic. And again with the static and flexi prims in the skirt. This outfit ALSO came in SOOO many colors. I can't believe the designer has that much time! Woof!

Next we have.. Squee and Me!

Squee is wearing this HOT little number, showing that this designer isn't just about Victorian Elegance and all.. NO.. they do HOT MAMAs too! And with a price that ANYONE can afford! Only $35L for Kithra in Black. I saw a few other dark colors in the Kithra outfit. The shading matched the fit of the outfit like only a few people can. Not too much, not too little. There are subtle details like princess seams in the top and texture to the pants. $35L PEOPLE!

I'm grooving my Donna Reed style in Henrietta in Pink! I love retro goodness, heck.. I used to watch Dobie Gilas when I was a teen. Ask your mom.. she might know. I HAD to have this, if it's just to vacuum the carpet and wait for my husband to come home. Poofy Poofy Dots! Do you even WANNA know? $65L... $65L to make your Donna Reed dreams come true. Get it in Pink, or Green or go for the old TV look and get Black! Are you seeing the hand drawn goodness? The sweet little buttons down the front? Run! or.. TP as it is! GO I shall give you Slurl!

There is also some NICE swimwear, and tops. Just make sure you get CLOSE to the vendors to hear them.

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Eleanor Anderton said...

Just found your post on the Victorian and vintage outfits - great find! Love the outfit I just paid 150L's! And the Skirt Sitter script works like a charm - no more knees poking through when you sit down.

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