Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise

Sarah Nerd, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....
1. Free designer skins!
2. Free prim hair that isn't CRAP!
3. well laid out freebies in catagories!

That's right. Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise really is a Paradise of freebies. I swear, she must weed out the crap and just keeps the good stuff. Let your inner noob out and come check this place out!

See this looovely pic of the ENTIRE place! You can't look at everything and not find SOMETHING. I've been in game for over a year and even I find stuff worth taking.

Slurl, you ask.. my pleasure

Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise


Anonymous said...

Wow Thank You for the Blog Mention! We do, or at least do our best to weed out stuff we consider pure junk and of no use to anyone. I like to think were a good place for newbies to lose the newb look for free. Thanks again, much appreciated!
<3 Sarah Nerd

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