Monday, September 10, 2007

Bluebell Productions

So I was wandering around the sim my store is on. Redux NW. Great place, Class 5, totally cool owners. I wanted to check out the other builds, see if I was outclassed... I was.. but that's not the point of this blog.

I happened to find this cute little clothing store. Bluebell Productions, right down the street from me. Literally! We have streets on Redux! I love it.

Sooo.. being a Fashion Blogger, I decided I would check out these items, ya know.. in the name of good fashion blogging.. not just because I like clothing. Oh no.. this is for SCIENCE!

First up we have..

The Naula outfit. $250L is a little steep, but I love this shirt. I love the prim arms. Yay for Floofy! The pattern is very subtly pinkish coral, meaning, if you put on pink shoes.. it's pink! if you put on coral shoe... it's coral! It comes on one layer, so you don't accidently take off your bra in the middle of a PG area! I hate that..

Next we have...

The Jewell outfit in Chocolate. $200L Came in about 5 colors. I had to be all Autumny and got the chocolate. For $200L you get a CUTE halter on the jacket layer and TWO pairs of dressy pants! YAY for options! Seam work is good here. The pants are light on details, but sometimes I don't mind not having a shiny butt. These are stylish pants, classic. I wish they were MOD though so I could wear the Tessa boots I bought here too. I'm wearing the bottom of the boots and they work GREAT under the pants. These are $350L and came in 7 colors. No sexy walk in these, thank you! I really like these boots. I'm jealous of Bluebell's boot making skills! They are nicely shaped, rounded toe. No modding needed which is good, because they too aren't mod.

Next we have a TwoFer!

This is Squee and Me in the Freebies! Wee! There are two giftbags in Bluebell, both filled with GREAT goodies! I looove a good freebie bag. Squee on the left is wearing the Dressy Pants and the Trudy shirt in White. The belt is drawn on and I love the little subtle pocket detailing. The pants have an actual fabricy TEXTURE to them. Might be linen. The Trudy shirt is just fun, yet classy. Sexy slits that show some skin, without showing alot of SKIN.
I'm wearing the Trudy pants in black with the Classy Halter top on the jacket layer and hanging on my wrist is a Ruby Bracelet, also found in the gift bags! Oh! and those Tessa boots again. I might have glued them on. :}

How about some details?

Bluebell Productions
Roxette Wise - Owner in game since 1/23/07
Picks takes you to her store
$200-$350L for singles more for fat packs
2 $1L giftbags
Most items are transfer


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