Monday, September 1, 2008


Well.. I've been a little out of game.. sorta.. I've been thinking about new designs and such. Don't worry I'm not LEAVING SL.. Just.. need a little time to work up some new fall designs. I've got some really fun boots in the works.
Right now, I'm working on advertising. As fall comes in, so do the people. All summer, everyone's been outside, playing, having fun and now it's time for them to come back to the puter. How do I get these eyes on my stuff?
I've made a few ads, putting them up places. I've decided to do a new and fun idea. There are literally hundreds of fashion bloggers. I love how creative and inventive they are. But they don't seem to be noticing my crazy shoes.
Here's the deal. Link me here or in world to your Fashion Blog. Whether it's on the feed, or just something for you and your friends. Make sure you leave your SL name. I will drop a nice little package on you. Just a.... TOKEN of my affection. Yeah.. you could say I'm BUYING votes here. *shrug* Maybe I'm just trying to spice up the fashion blogging world. You can only see SO many of the same outfits and shoes OVER and OVER. '
SO! Bloggers! Link ME! Get gift. Simple!

Rowan Carroll
She's So Unusual Shoes


Haley said...

I do shopping with HALEY on Lunas the D LIST i love your shoes .my faves are the fish platforms ,, have them on now ,, not anyone wants cookie-cutter shoes I appreciate the difference where else will I get frog shoes thank you

Candy Lemmon said...

I happen to be a big fan of your work already Miss Rowan, and I cannot resist the temptation of more.

Can't wait to see what you've bundled up!

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